10 Best Paying Jobs in Major Chemicals (2024 Updates)

10 Best Paying Jobs in Major Chemicals (2024 Updates)


The industry of chemicals has literally exploded over recent years. From companies that produce these chemicals to other industry-related jobs, the pay has increased significantly over the past decade.

Knowing the best paying jobs in major chemicals can give you a leg up on the competition and make you more money.

best paying jobs in major chemicals

In this article, we will go over some of the best paying jobs in major chemicals, including the best industries for jobs, how to enter these industries, and finally how much these jobs are worth.

List of Best paying jobs in major chemicals

1. Chemist. Top pay: $127,000.

Chemists work with compounds that are often used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and other products. This job generally involves the quantitative analysis of compounds and the application of computational methods.

Chemists will also create a variety of experimental data and report their findings as well as lead experiments that help establish scientific facts.

2. Chemical engineer. Top pay: $151,000.

Chemical engineers develop and design processes that involve chemicals, manufacturing, and the use of biological materials in refining, processing, or fabricating products.

This job requires an understanding of physical science in addition to a knowledge of biology, engineering principles, as well as business practices. This makes it a desirable job for those looking for high paying jobs at major chemicals companies.

3. Process control engineer. Top pay: $117,000.

Process control engineers are responsible for ensuring that processes implemented in a chemical process line or refinery operate at the desired state.

Working with a variety of equipment, they may develop and implement standard operating procedures, provide troubleshooting and consultation, analyze data, and monitor recorded information to examine the performance of equipment.

4. Research and development scientist. Top pay: $116,000.

Research and development scientists perform the actual experiments that help move the product from the start of development to the market.

Research and development scientists experiment with the product to examine its physical, chemical, biological,, and microbial properties.

They are responsible for conducting laboratory experiments, formulating a hypothesis, carrying out a research study, analyzing results and proposing a solution for the problem being investigated.

5. Biochemist . Top pay: $127,000.

Biochemist is responsible for determining the chemical reactions that take place in the body related to the production of energy, hormones, enzymes and other compounds.

They may be involved in research on the development of new drugs or carcinogens to ensure a successful market for these products. Biochemists also need to understand cellular biology and biochemistry.

6. Microbiologist . Top pay: $118,000

Microbiologist performs research on the cellular and microbial life in the environment. They may study microorganisms that could potentially cause disease or could be used for environmental or agricultural purposes.

They understand the process by which cells grow and divide, how certain types of bacteria are able to produce end products in large quantities, and how these end products are affected by specific environments.

7 . Quality Control Chemist – Top pay: $120,500.

Quality control chemists are responsible for running tests on laboratory samples and production samples to ensure they meet the quality standards established in their company.

They may work with a variety of equipment and procedures to determine if a sample meets the standards of purity, strength or other characteristics. This is certainly an appealing job for anyone who wants high paying jobs at major chemicals companies.

8 . Nuclear Chemistry Technician . Top pay: $97,000.

Nuclear chemistry technicians work with radioactive materials in a variety of settings. They will operate machinery and use radiation detection equipment to make sure the levels are acceptable for the company’s standards.

They may work at a nuclear reactor or nuclear medicine facility where they monitor the equipment and regulate radiation exposure to personnel working in that environment.

9 . Petroleum Chemist . Top pay: $122,000.

Petroleum chemists are responsible for researching, designing and testing processes which will lead to the production of chemicals from crude oil.

They need to understand chemistry and physics in addition to their knowledge of the petroleum industry and their ability to develop new technology.

10 . Materials Scientist . Top pay: $116,000.

Materials scientists work with materials to ensure that they are developed in a way that meets specifications required by a company.

They may work to develop new filler or synthetic materials, or they may be hired to study the properties of existing materials.

Comparing Other Best Paying Jobs


There are many ways to get into the chemical market. One can start off with a degree in chemistry or a related field to be hired for any of these best paying jobs in major chemicals.

After working for several years you will likely be promoted to become a supervisor where you will likely get noticed by a major company that is looking for someone who has experience working with chemicals.

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