10 Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Durables in 2024

10 Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Durables in 2024


Consumer durables are the industry in which retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers sell durable goods such as home appliances, electronics, and personal care items.

Designed to be used for a predetermined period of time before being discarded, these goods are considered consumable. We’ll share the best paying jobs in this industry to help you find your niche and carve out a path for yourself.

Growth of the industry has been supported by the increase in population, which has been growing at a fast rate due to increased disposable income. For instance, consumers in the U.S. and Canada have been purchasing more durable goods than a decade ago due to their higher disposable incomes. 

best paying jobs in consumer durables

Other factors affecting the demand for consumer durables include replacement needs and technological innovation. Replacement needs refer to the frequency with which owners need new goods or repairs.

Technological innovation occurs when a new product comes with a feature that makes the previous generation obsolete and necessitates its replacement. Now let’s find out how to do well in this industry by following the best paying jobs in Consumer Durables.

List of the Best Paying Jobs In Consumer Durables

1. Financial Controller – $113,520

Financial controllers are responsible for monitoring revenues and expenses to ensure that the company makes a profit. They also help in financial management and the acquisition and payment of funds.

They are involved in corporate planning and keeping track of new regulations that may affect the company’s capability to make a profit. They work with other company officers to come up with strategies that can help boost profitability.

2. Sales Managers – $113,520

Sales managers direct sales staff to achieve goals set by marketing campaigns such as new product launches and brand advertising campaigns.

They plan, organize and direct the activities of sales people to bring in maximum business.

Sales managers are in constant touch with the sales staff and have to motivate them to achieve targets set by the management.

3. Marketing Directors – $94,850

Marketing directors oversee marketing and sales throughout the organization, keeping track of every dollar spent on advertising and promotions to ensure that it gets the greatest return.

They develop new strategies as needed to bring in new customers. Marketing directors also work with sales managers to come up with profitable marketing plans that help grow their business’ revenue.

4. Robotics Engineer – $95,400

Robotics engineers are responsible for designing, programming, and repairing robots that perform tasks that require strength and dexterity.

They gather data from their robots’ field performance to further improve their designs. They also work with management to create new products using the technology that the robotic engineers have created.

These engineers are excellent at recognizing data trends and patterns that can lead to future products and services. Some of the best paying jobs in consumer durables include the Robotics Engineer which pays $95,400.

5. Software Engineers – $114,000

Software engineers are responsible for implementing and testing computer software programs.

They work with the other programmers to create working prototypes of the software and make certain that it meets the specifications set for it to be put into production.

They also test these prototypes with various customers to verify that they are used as intended and safe for use by consumers. They work in sectors like healthcare and computers. 

6. Automotive Engineer – $110,000

Automotive engineers are responsible for designing, engineering, and maintaining the manufacture of automobile parts.

They work with management to come up with new ideas for products such as vehicles and motorcycles that can bring in maximum revenue. Automotive engineers also design products like engines and transmissions for light trucks, off-road vehicles, and passenger cars. 

7. Industrial Engineers – $113,520

Industrial engineers are responsible for designing, developing and implementing ways to increase the efficiency of manufacturing processes. They work with management to come up with ideas for products and services that can make the industry more profitable.

They also conduct research to find ways to make production processes more efficient in order to meet or even exceed their production goals. 

8. Human Resources Directors – $94,850

Human resources directors are responsible for hiring employees and ensuring that they have the training they need to do their jobs.

They also manage the company’s compensation and benefits plans, which include retirement packages and vacation time. They plan fair recruitment programs that can help increase the company’s profitability. 

9. Product Marketer – $113,520

Product marketers are in charge of coming up with and carrying out promotions for products that bring in the most money from a certain market.

They are involved with the marketing of the company’s new products, trends in the industry, and the competition’s products. They also develop strategies to find out what customers think and help assess their needs. 

10. Account Manager – $93,580

Account managers are in charge of clients and work with other employees to make sure that sales goals are met or surpassed. They determine their client’s needs and develop strategies to meet them.

They also conduct research to find out how well the company is performing in the market, and identify ways of improving its products and services. 

Comparing Other Best Paying Jobs


Upgrading your knowledge and skills can help you gain a better understanding of how the market functions.

You can try out any of these best paying jobs in consumer durables to offer the best solutions to your clients and get an excellent salary in the process. This industry offers great opportunities for career growth, as long as you have the right training.

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