10 Best Paying Jobs in EDP Services (2024 Picks)

10 Best Paying Jobs in EDP Services (2024 Picks)


EDP services or information technology are generally used for human workflow management, IT service management, and other processes.

In many cases, EDP services are only available through specialized companies that provide these types of services. The best paying jobs in EDP Services are typically those with the greatest demand. 

EDP services are one of the fastest growing sectors of the global economy. As the need for outsourcing grows, so will the need for IT professionals with the right training. Due to the global economic downturn, companies are likely to look for ways to cut costs, which will increase demand.

best paying jobs in edp services

As an EDP professional, it’s your job to support and fix computer systems that are used in a wide range of businesses.

Some examples include public sectors, such as education and law enforcement, private sector businesses like retail and healthcare providers and non-profit organizations like nonprofit entities that offer residential or community services. 

List of the best paying jobs in EDP service

1. Software Developer – $108,200

Software developers typically create computer programs that are used in EDP services. You are required to be a master of the main programming language and have an understanding of the languages that your organization uses.

You will also need to write documentation for your own materials, work with policies and procedures, and create tools that can be used by others. In most cases, you will also be expected to provide technical support. 

2. Consultant – $100,000

Consultants are responsible for helping with the transition from one IT system to another. You will work with decision makers and will be responsible for determining what needs to be done, outlining how it can be accomplished, and developing a strategy for implementation.

You may also need to provide technical support or project management skills. 

3. Data Architect – $98,000

The data architect will work with business managers, software developers, and other related staff to define the requirements of the system.

You will also develop databases that are needed for each business environment or project.

These individuals also create user interfaces that allow customers to use the database and ensure that they’re in compliance with all of their needs. 

4. Cyber Security Analyst – $95,000

A cyber security analyst will work with a team of professionals from different departments to analyze the measures needed to ensure that the EDP services are secure and stable.

Cyber security analysts look for possible risks and think about what can be done to stop big problems from happening. They also work with administrators to ensure that all necessary changes have been implemented. 

5. Network Administrator – $94,500

A network administrator is responsible for maintaining computer networks in an organization and ensuring that they are running at maximum efficiency levels. This includes upgrades, integration, and even trouble-shooting.

Administrators of a network must make sure that all computers follow the current rules and standards. You will also be responsible for training users on how to use the network effectively. 

6. Solutions Architect – $92,400

The solutions architect will work with a team of technology professionals to find the best ways to implement new programs and applications. In most cases, this role requires constant contact with business managers and high-level decision makers.

Solutions architects must be able to understand the needs of both sides and anticipate any issues that may arise. 

7. Computer Systems Analyst – $91,400

A computer systems analyst is responsible for supporting the information technology infrastructure in an organization.

These professionals will test and assess new systems, integrate existing ones, and provide technical support. Most of the time, these specialists also assist with developing project plans and timelines. 

8. Software Quality Assurance – $91,400

This is a position that will help ensure that software developers have the proper tools and procedures to ensure that their software works correctly.

You will test newly developed programs to make sure they work properly and will be able to identify any potential problems early on. 

9. Web Developer – $91,300

The web developer will work with other developers to make new systems and programs that run on the web.

You will also be required to use HTML and CSS to create websites that meet the needs of the customer or business.

You may also be responsible for creating a user interface and making sure it is compatible with all browsers and devices. 

10. Database Administrator – $91,100

Database administrators work with the IT personnel to maintain and keep databases updated.

These professionals must be able to create, test, and install new programs, understand the programming and coding language used by different companies and organizations, and ensure that they are in compliance with all federal and state regulations. 

Comparing Other Best Paying Jobs


The best paying job options in EDP services are mainly in the software developer, consultant, and analyst positions.

You must have a thorough knowledge of the tools used in your profession and you must have an eye for detail. Work in EDP services can be challenging, but it can also be very rewarding.

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