Best Paying Jobs in Industrial Machinery/Components in 2024

Best Paying Jobs in Industrial Machinery/Components in 2024


You will no doubt be familiar with the relevance of industrial machinery. When it comes to securing employment in this sector there are a whole host of options to consider.

Industries are always looking for skilled talents, and you can expect to be able to progress your career quickly. So, if you are looking for a rewarding career in the industrial machinery sector, consider these the best paying jobs in industrial machinery/components.

best paying jobs in industrial machinery/components

Without the use of machines such as lathes, mills and injection moulding machines, many manufactured goods would not be possible. Industrial machinery is used for a broad range of production processes, from shaping metal to assembling electronics.

List of Best paying jobs in industrial machinery/components

1. Electrical circuit designers – $77,900

Electrical circuit designers are in charge of making electrical equipment and systems and testing them. The role requires a combination of drafting skills, engineering knowledge, and mathematical ability.

Those who want to work in this field will need to be able to work on their own with little supervision. Having certifications and higher degrees will give you a boost during the application process.

2. Pipelifters – $59,800

Pipelifters are responsible for locating and isolating utilities such as gas, water, oil and electrical lines when carrying out construction work. They work closely with other trades and will require formal qualifications in the area of machinery.

The role of a pipe lifter is to locate, identify and safely remove underground utilities from a construction site before building can begin.

3. Machinists – $61,000

Machinists use the skills learned from engineering to fabricate metal parts. A machinist must be able to operate various types of machinery, such as CNC Lathes and milling machines.

Machinists work alongside engineers and other trade professionals to ensure that all equipment is in working order and performing its intended function. This job is a good choice for those who enjoy working with their hands and have become experienced at operating a variety of machines.

4. Crane and tower operators – $57,000

Crane and tower operators are responsible for lifting and moving materials on building sites. Most of the time, a crane operator has to work from a crane to install or move parts of machinery.

The Tower operator will use elevated platforms to conduct repairs on buildings and other structures. In some cases, the two roles are performed by the same person, who then works as a ‘tower crane operator.” For both jobs, you need to have a formal education in fields like heavy hauling, rigging, and cranes.

5. Millwrights – $48,200

Millwrights are skilled engineers who are responsible for the operation and maintenance of power-driven machinery used in the manufacturing sector.

Millwrights work with a team who will help develop and operate the production line. The role requires individuals who have a combination of mechanical, electrical, and engineering knowledge.

6. Computer numerically controlled (CNC) programmers – $71,000

Computer Numerically Controlled programmers are responsible for setting the parameters required to operate industrial machinery.

The role requires a combination of knowledge in mechanical engineering, programming and machining and is best suited to degreed individuals who have a background in computer science.

7. Process engineers – $88,500

Industrial and process engineers are responsible for power systems, waste management, pollution control and manufacturing processes at industrial plants.

They are required to develop and implement processes that will achieve high productivity and efficiency for the plant. The role is best suited to degreed individuals with an engineering background.

8. Industrial Machine Engineer – $70,000

An industrial machine engineer works in a similar sector to an industrial and process engineer.

The role of an industrial machine engineer is to make sure that the machinery used by factories is performing in the intended way. The roles require individuals with a strong engineering background and design skills.

9. Operations Manager – $91,000

An operations manager identifies the activities that need to be carried out in order to achieve goals within an organization.

They will plan and review the production of goods and services using relevant data that has been collected by other departments. The role requires individuals who have a rigid understanding of the manufacturing industry and a broad knowledge of business practices.

10. Computer network architects – $81,500

Computer network architects design, build and maintain networks using both hardware and software to provide computer systems with internet access.

For this job, you need to know a lot about the software and hardware that go into making a stable network environment. Individuals in this role will typically work with the telecoms industry and the data security sector.

Comparing Other Best Paying Jobs


There are many different jobs to choose from in the industrial machinery sector, which is a strong and stable place to work.

Each role in this list of best paying jobs in industrial machinery/components requires individuals to have specific skills and qualifications that they must obtain before they are able to successfully apply for a job in the industry.

If you are looking for a rewarding career in this sector of the economy, consider applying for the afore-mentioned jobs.

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