10 Best Paying Jobs in Major Pharmaceuticals (2024 Updates)

10 Best Paying Jobs in Major Pharmaceuticals (2024 Updates)


The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most profitable industries in the world, with a combined turnover of more than $1tn. As well as generating significant profits, it employs tens of thousands of people worldwide.

This article presents the best paying jobs in major pharmaceutical based on the average pay for each position.

There are many different kinds of medicines and consumer products in the global pharmaceutical industry, such as antibiotics, painkillers, and birth control.

best paying jobs in major pharmaceuticals

The pharmaceutical industry consists of research and development (R&D) companies that develop new drugs and a wide range of intermediates which are then used to manufacture the final products.

List of the Best Paying Jobs In Major Pharmaceuticals

1. Pharmacists – $142,250

Pharmacists are qualified medical professionals who have the responsibility of dispensing drugs and recommending non-medical treatments.

They advise patients on the dangers and side effects of drugs, monitor how patients respond to medications, and advise doctors on how to prescribe medications safely.

They also give advice on diet and exercise which can help to reduce drug requirements, as well as general tips on healthy living. They may also be involved in research projects, monitoring studies conducted at their institution or by others.

2. Biotechnology Researchers – $137,500

Biotechnology researchers are responsible for researching and developing biological drugs and biological testing equipment used in medical laboratories.

Biotechnology researchers are responsible for research into the diagnosis, development and treatment of diseases and disorders. They also conduct research into how microbes interact with humans as well as evolving infectious diseases.

3. Research Scientists – $139,000

Research scientists are involved in new product development, formulating new therapeutic strategies based on scientific knowledge to solve health problems in a variety of ways.

They are responsible for all stages of product development, including pre-clinical studies and the clinical trials.

4. Drug Safety Scientist – $123,500

Drug Safety scientists are responsible for ensuring the safety of drugs used in the hospital setting and ensuring that all approved drugs come with proper warnings for both patients and healthcare workers.

They design, write, and conduct a variety of clinical research studies to monitor all aspects of drug use, providing feedback to doctors on the effectiveness of different treatments.

5. Pharmacologist – $122,000

A pharmacologist is a member of the medical profession who studies the effects of drugs and chemicals on the body, with a focus on how these chemicals behave when in the living organism.

The goal is to better understand the impact of chemicals on human health and find ways to improve it. A pharmacologist also studies how drugs interact with living organisms and effects on each other as well as with other medications.

6. Drug Manufacturer – $121,500

Drug manufacturers are responsible for the finished product, which includes a drug and its packaging. They manufacture drugs for the pharmaceutical industry whilst maintaining the quality of the product.

They have to work within strict guidelines set out by government agencies in order to provide the best quality product possible. Drug manufacturers might also be required to evaluate the effectiveness of drugs manufactured by other companies.

7. Medical Sales Rep – $87,500

A medical sales rep is responsible for liaising between doctors and the pharmaceutical company in order to promote and explain the use of a particular drug to both doctors and patients.

They provide all the necessary information on the drug being promoted in order to help doctors make an informed decision. Medical sales reps visit doctors’ offices and hospitals daily, providing advice about new drugs on the market as well as answering questions about existing drugs.

8. Pharmaceutical Financial Analyst – $86,500

A pharmaceutical financial analyst is responsible for carrying out research on the profitability of different drugs.

They evaluate the financial impact of new drugs and monitor the revenues of existing drugs to ensure that their performance is in line with expectations.

Pharmaceutical financial analysts also look at problems or issues which may be affecting the performance of a drug and help to find solutions.

9. Drug Safety Specialist – $85,500

Drug safety specialists are responsible for overseeing the development and testing of new medications to ensure that their use will not cause any harm to patients.

They monitor studies involving medications as well as clinical trials. They also oversee the production, distribution and use of medications.

10. Quality Assurance Manager – $94,500

A quality assurance manager is responsible for ensuring that the final product is up to a high standard and follows strict guidelines.

They ensure that the company’s products adhere to all of the relevant safety and effectiveness regulations for each country it is marketed in. Quality assurance managers ensure that their company meets all applicable quality standards.

Comparing Other Best Paying Jobs


These medical professions are some of the best paying jobs in major pharmaceuticals. They are highly respected and have excellent job prospects.

If you want to pursue a career in pharmaceuticals, it is important to ensure that you enter the market at the right time as competition for jobs is fierce.

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