10 Best Paying Jobs in Precious Metals (2024 Picks)

10 Best Paying Jobs in Precious Metals (2024 Picks)


The precious metals industry is a booming business, and the options for you to earn a living doing this are limitless. With the increase in demand for precious metals, there is a huge potential for new and exciting careers in this arena.

best paying jobs in precious metals

There are many jobs that will not only make you money but also be satisfying, challenging, and inspiring at the same time. As an example of these lucrative opportunities, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best paying jobs available right now.

List of top paying jobs in the precious metals industry

1. Precious metal broker – $120,000

Precious metal brokers are people who buy and sell precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and rhodium. Brokers are involved in all aspects of the market operation, including trading, investment advice, sales services, and storage services.

Many of the jobs in the industry require a high level of education in economics or finance (although some do not).

2. Precious metal advisor – $116,000

As a precious metal advisor, you will advise clients on the risks and rewards involved in investing in precious metals. To be a successful advisor you should be able to guide your clients through the marketplace and tell them where to invest.

This might mean you have to assess their risk tolerance and their financial situation. You must also have a deep understanding of how markets work to give people solid financial advice.

3. Jewelry sales manager – $108,000

As a precious metal jewelry sales manager you will be responsible for the wholesale side of jewelry sales and the retail side of jewelry sales. Your job is to ensure that your customers get what they want when they want it.

You must also choose right partners and deliver products that are of good quality at a reasonable price. In this line of work, it’s also important to be able to build strong relationships with customers.

4. Precious metal analyst – $88,000

As a precious metal analyst, you will gather data about the precious metals market. This includes information about cost of production, supply and demand, inventory levels, and other fundamental factors like this.

You will then use this data to create reports on the marketplace that you can use to inform clients about investment opportunities. This is a high paying job because it requires a high level of education in economics or finance.

5. Metalworking specialist – $85,000

A metalworking specialist is a person who performs manual labor or assists in making or repairing anything made with precious metals. This can be a high paying job because of the level of skill involved.

You must know how to operate the equipment, and you must do so safely and efficiently. You will usually need some form of certification on your resume. Experience is also key to being a successful metalworking specialist.

6. Bullion Salesperson – $84,000

As a bullion salesperson, you will be selling items that contain precious metals. This could be jewelry, coins or bars of metal, and other collectibles.

Your job is to provide your customers with high quality items that are also fairly priced. You might be selling to retail customers in person or online.

The ability to develop relationships and establish trust with your customers is also an important part of this career path.

7. Quality Control officer – $80,000

Quality Control officers are responsible for ensuring that all precious metals are manufactured and then processed according to a set of quality control standards.

These standards must be followed carefully as a company can lose its license if they don’t. Your success in this job will depend on your ability to learn about quality control procedures and how to use them.

This is a high paying job because of the skills required, but it does require some education.

8. Jewelry store manager – $77,000

As a jewelry store manager, you will be managing a jewelry store that focuses on selling precious metals. Your job is to ensure that the products sold are of good quality and that customers are happy with the products they purchase.

You can use your knowledge of investing in precious metals to help people make better financial decisions related to their jewelry purchases. This is a high paying job because of the level of responsibility involved.

9. Gemologist – $76,000

As a gemologist, it will be your job to make sure that the precious metals used in jewelry and other works of art are of good quality.

You will use specialized tools to test the precious metals and compare them to other gems. You must have a deep understanding of how precious metals are created and tested to make this a successful career path.

A degree in chemistry or physics is required to be a successful gemologist.

10. Jewelry Designer – $75,000

As a jewelry designer you will be helping your customers to choose jewelry that they will love. You must understand the customer and what they want based on what their personality is like.

This can be a high paying job because of the level of creativity and skill involved in designing jewelry for people. To be successful in this field you must have an artistic eye as well as a great ability to communicate with people on an emotional level.

Comparing Other Best Paying Jobs


These are the ten best paying jobs in precious metals industry. You will be able to make anywhere between $78,000 and $120,000 a year depending on experience and your location. 

Precious metals are an important part of our world today. These metals have an important role in many different industries. 

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