10 Best Paying Jobs in Capital Goods (2024 Picks)

10 Best Paying Jobs in Capital Goods (2024 Picks)


Capital goods are equipment that is used to produce other goods and services, such as buildings, vehicles, machinery, and equipment. The production process is done with these capital goods.

Capital goods include industrial buildings such as factories and warehouses and non-industrial buildings like commercial property in cities or farmland that could be used for agricultural purposes.

Capital goods are an important input for the production process, capital goods are a vital part of the production process which makes it vital for many people who are looking to make some of the highest paying jobs.

best paying jobs in capital goods

These five jobs are very popular and sought after as they pay well, these capital good jobs provide for individuals who have great skills and skills as well as a high level of education. 

List of the best paying jobs in capital goods

1. Manufacturing Manager – $139,000

A manufacturing manager has responsibility for a team of workers who are involved in the production process. A business manufacturing manager’s job is to oversee and run all parts of the business’s production process.

They also ensure that goods are produced at the correct quality and quantity. The main responsibilities of a manufacturing manager include directing the workers and making sure that they are doing the jobs they are supposed to be doing.

This position is best suited to people who have strong leadership skills as well as strong communication skills.

2. Quality Assurance Manager – $139,000

The role of a quality assurance manager is to identify and solve issues in the production process. They also guarantee that items being transported by the company or company vehicles are safe for use and full of quality.

A quality assurance manager must make sure that the product goes through a thorough process to make sure that it is right. There are many different factors that can affect the quality of the product, and this is performed by a quality assurance manager.

3. Manufacturing Engineer – $127,000

A manufacturing engineer is responsible for designing and creating new products which are used in the production process. They have to make sure that the product is right and will last a long time before it can be put into use.

This role is best suited to engineers as they have a very high level of education, they must also hold an engineering degree such as an MBA or a BEng. They also have to be able to work under pressure and multitask well in order to meet their deadlines.

4. Supply Chain Manager – $127,000

A supply chain manager is responsible for managing the production of the goods and controlling what materials are going to the manufacturer or distributor. They also manage the product on its way from one supplier to another.

This role requires an experienced and highly skilled person who knows how to meet deadlines and has a good eye for detail. There is a heavy amount of multitasking as well as problem-solving in this job which can be very stressful at times.

5. Product Engineer – $127,000

A product engineer is also responsible for managing the products which have been created by the company. This job requires an eye for detail and strong communication skills as well as a lot of multitasking.

They are often times required to work on different projects at the same time and be available for their customers or clients at all times of day. Product engineers must be very creative in order to create new products which are needed and are high quality in nature.

The main focus of a product engineer is to make sure that the design of their product is right and that it will work as it should.

6. Sales Manager – $126,000

The sales manager is responsible for managing employees and ensuring that they are able to meet their customers’ needs. Their main purpose is to ensure that the customer has a good experience when dealing with their company’s products or services.

This can be very stressful and hard work, as the sales manager must be available for all of their customers’ needs at all times. They are also responsible for making sure that their sales team meets its targets and that it is selling the right product to the right customer.

7. Engineering Manager – $125,000

An engineering manager oversees the job of an engineering team and ensures that they are doing their jobs correctly. Engineering managers must be able to communicate with their employees well and also manage their time well in order to complete their work.

Engineering managers must also make sure that the product is on schedule and meet all deadlines. An engineering manager needs to be skilled in writing reports as well as multitasking.

8. Business Development Manager – $122,000

A business development manager is responsible for promoting their company’s products or services both in and out of the country. They are required to meet with other companies in order to discuss a possible partnership or collaboration with them.

They also need to be highly experienced and skilled as they must be able to deal with a lot of people in order to make the right connections that could help their company. Business development managers must also be creative in nature as well as very good at multitasking.

9. Marketing Manager – $121,000

A marketing manager is a person who is responsible for creating and implementing different marketing strategies and plans that are used to promote their company’s products or services. They are also in charge of customer satisfaction and making sure that everything runs smoothly.

A good marketing manager must be very creative, good at multitasking and verbal as well as a lot of patience in order to deal with customers who have concerns about their products or services.

10. Robotics Engineer – $120,000

A robotics engineer is responsible for designing and developing robots for use in a manufacturing environment. They are responsible for making sure that the robot is safe to use and does not pose any serious injuries or harm to people.

To make a good robot, robotics engineers need to be very skilled and have a lot of experience. There are many things that come into play when creating a robot, it must be designed to perfection and if there is one error in the design of the robot then it could cause injury.

Comparing Other Best Paying Jobs


The demand for the above best paying jobs in capital goods is high and they are expected to increase in the coming years.

Employees must have the right education and skill set in order to perform well in any of the positions, as they will be required to multitask and problem-solve several different things at the same time. 

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