The Credit App Review – Best to Collect Non-payments?

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Are you looking for a quality credit app that you can count on to get the results you need? Look no further than The Credit App. 

If you want the results that you wouldn’t be able to achieve yourself, and you want to achieve them in a timely and professional manner, this the credit app review reveals how to achieve them. 

This article will answer your questions on the credit app reviews and how they can help retrieve your payments from your customers. 


What is The Credit App?

The Credit App enables small business owners to report late payments and bankruptcies to the credit bureaus just like the big banks. All you need to do is to fill out the information you have on the debtor and upload the contract that was defaulted on. 

It provides accurate debt collection solutions to business owners through its easy-to-use app. 

The Credit App provides quality services and delivers results as their services are priced to be as budget-friendly as possible, not to have an overall negative impact on your finances. 

The credit app are always helpful, friendly, and easy to work with as they make the entire process as easy and fascinating as you would expect from such a reputable credit reporting company.


With their service, you can avoid the $200-hour collection attorneys and the 30% fees from collection agents while getting the same result for a low flat fee and spend the same amount of time it would take to fill out the contract with the debt collector. 

Pros of the Credit App 

Here are some benefits of the credit app review

Flat fee

The Credit App helps you get the same result while spending the same amount of time it takes to fill out a contract with the debt collector, albeit for a low flat fee. 


Great Customer Service 

Customers who file reports must fill out the new debtor form, available on The Credit App online platform, and pay the required fee before the service commences. 

Alerting Message 

The Credit App will send the customer an email and a text, telling them about what’s going on, and they are given up to two weeks to pay or dispute the claim. 

Swift Action

Failure of the customer to comply with the alert message will leads The Credit App to list the balance owed on their credit report, right next to the creditor’s company’s name.

Cons of the Credit App

The following includes the downside of the credit app review.

Upfront payment

You are expected to pay a $99 service charge before the credit app attends to your report. 

High fee

Customers have to pay $49 per transaction when they upload a New Debtor Form, Dispute a Claim, or Update a Balance.

Types of Services 

The Credit App allows small business owners to report bankruptcies and nonpayments from their customers to the credit bureaus. 

Some of their services include: 

Retrieval of Debt

Once you report non-payments from your customers using The Credit App directly to the credit bureaus, they will help you retrieve your payments from your customers using legal and professional means. 

Dispute Claim

The Credit App claims to give you the power to file credit complaints just like the big banks and allows you to share more information on the debtor for them to report the debt account accurately at the credit bureaus. 

Report Credit Data

The Credit App gathered data go to Equifax credit bureau for processing of balance which the Credit bureaus pick up the data reported to Equifax credit bureau a month later. 

The Credit App reports credit data in all 50 states


Customers who report nonpayment on the credit app pay $99 upfront for service charges, 

$40.00 for debt reporting and pay $49 per transaction. 

The Credit App – Company Overview

The Credit App is an American-based credit company that allows small business owners to report non-payment to the Credit Bureaus. 

The Credit App assets of small business owners, contractors, and sole proprietors are qualified to report nonpayments and defaults by their customers directly to the credit bureaus as the company’s primary aim is to help customers avoid the hour collection attorney fees from collection agents. 


The Credit App allows small business owners to report defaults and nonpayments from their customers to the credit bureaus. 

This service helps them avoid the $200 hour collection attorneys and the 30% fees from collection agents. You have to fill out the new debtor form on the credit app, pay the small fee, and wait for your customer to call. The credit app sends messages to your customer via email and text, letting them know what is happening. Your Customer receives two weeks to pay or dispute the claim, and then the balance owed goes on their credit report, right next to your company’s name.”

We hope this credit app review answers all your questions about the credit app.

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