10 Best Passive Income Ideas for Doctors in 2024

10 Best Passive Income Ideas for Doctors in 2024


I was inspired to write this post about Passive Income Ideas for Medical Doctors after seeing these developments among doctors over the years.

  • Money is a major driving force for doctors to switch careers.
  • Despite the fact that time is a finite resource, doctors utilize more of it to earn more money (e.g. locuming).
  • Most Doctors who claim to make passive income, aren’t actually doing so.

Are you a doctor searching for methods to create passive income, meaning you do less work to earn it?

To be honest, the costs of school debts, endless membership tests and courses, general living, and other essential lifestyle considerations have exceeded our salaries as physicians. Many more of us are financially strained and anxious, already working at capacity as doctors.

The Rise of the Medical Entrepreneur

It is important to know that medical entrepreneurship is not a new concept. However, it has gained popularity in recent years. More and more doctors are turning to entrepreneurship to secure their financial futures.

This section discusses how doctors are turning to entrepreneurship for passive income, why people are looking for medical entrepreneurs, what is the status of medical practice, and what are some challenges faced by these entrepreneurs.

What are some challenges faced by these entrepreneurs?

It is difficult to convince patients to buy treatments. Patients are used to seeing doctors as people who are there to help them, so it is hard for them to think of the doctor as a businessman.

Doctors are also faced with the challenge of not being able to advertise, so they do not have many ways of letting people know that they are open for business.

Doctors are also not allowed to sell their treatments for more than they paid for them.

medical doctors in an operating theater

How to Start a Consulting Practice as a Doctor

Consulting practice as a medical doctor is one of the major sources of generating residual income. A doctor needs to do a lot of planning before they can start a consulting practice.

They should know their target market, choose relevant services, find relevant clients, and create an effective medical consulting business plan.

Doctors are needed to provide consultative services in different fields. These could be anything from cosmetic surgery to dermatology or psychiatry.

Using Your Expertise as a Doctor to Create Passive Income Online

Doctors are worried about the impact of the new healthcare bill in their different countries. They are looking for new ways to generate passive income online.

As a doctor, you might be thinking that it would be really difficult to start your own business on the side. But, it’s not as hard as many people think. All you need is a little knowledge of how to make money on the internet and little time to spare.

There are many people who are interested in investing in doctors’ businesses or projects because they know that doctors are highly educated, skilled professionals with years of experience in their field of work.

Couple this with the fact that doctors have little time to push other side businesses. You can build an online side hustle by doing any of the following:

  • Create a Blog
  • Write and sell an ebook 
  • Sell Items on Etsy or eBay.
  • Create an online course On udemy
  • Dropshipping by creating an eCommerce store on Shopify or WooCommerce
  • Start Affiliate Marketing on Clickbank, Amazon Associates, or CJ Affiliate

If making more money online sounds good to you, then check out this article to get started: Succeed With Digital Entrepreneurship

How Doctors Can Create Passive Income by Investing in Their Practice

Doctors invest in their practice and hospitals for a variety of reasons. Some doctors want to earn passive income by investing in their practice.

Other doctors may see the potential to earn passive income by investing in partnerships with hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare providers.

Doctors should take the time to understand what they want out of their investments. Once they understand that, they can make an informed decision about what to invest in and if it is right for them. Listed below are some examples of passive income ideas that align with the health profession.

  • Start an on-Demand Doctor Visits service
  • Become a Concierge Doctor
  • Enroll in Physical examinations for military personnel
  • Take up shifts at an urgent care facility
  • Become a Director at medical centers and clinical labs
  • Become a visiting lecturer at a university or a medical school.

What are the best Passive Income Ideas for Doctors?

Over the years, reports have found that most doctors feel unable to quit their professions or occupations due to “money“.

This makes them feel imprisoned, which causes mental health problems. Do unhappy doctors make more errors at work? Yea they do! And that’s a weird combo.

You’ve come to the correct spot if this concept appeals to you. I’ve compiled a list of methods for doctors to earn passive income – from the obvious to the less apparent, to the riskier, to the more imaginative. Check out my findings so far.

1. Funding Real Estate

Crowdfunding is a relatively new method of investing. Like Kickstarter and GoFundMe, a similar idea exists for real estate.

Developers are always seeking funding for their initiatives. Investors may access these projects online and invest in both residential and commercial buildings.

2. Sell your IP or MVP (MVP)

Selling your Intellectual Property (IP) or Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is another great passive income idea.

What if you build a medical gadget or a service for doctors? Believe me, someone definitely pays for it, so you don’t have to worry.

In some cases, most businesses (or websites!) are built to validate an idea before being sold for millions to bigger competitors. Not a bad idea at all!

3. Own a Rental

Buy a house, find someone to rent it out, and enjoy the extra cash flow when your income is more than your expenses.

The initial investment and effort commitment may be more than other items on the list, but the return may be enormous and continue for years.

4. Try Inventing Something

You may create a product that does something you wish existed. Create a medical or non-medical product and sell it or earn royalties.

It’s not difficult to figure out, many of my friends have done it. Don’t ignore innovation as a great passive income source.

5. Build An App

Have you witnessed a medical or non-medical app-based problem? These days, there are excellent tools to assist bring your concept to life. If your app is successful, the checks will start coming in.

6. YouTube Can Be a Huge Success

This may seem ridiculous, but I know doctors who have utilized this amazing platform to generate passive income. On YouTube, doctors are lecturers, entertainers, and singers, earning money from advertisements that appear on their videos.

7. High-Yield Savings

This one is easy because it is. If you transfer your money from a low-interest bank to a high-yield savings account online, you may earn a surprising amount of additional income. Online banks are FDIC-insured, just like conventional banks, so your funds are secure.

Online banks provide returns up to 100 times greater than conventional banks. That makes it look like a no-brainer.

8. CDs (Certificate of Deposits)

These are like guaranteed return savings accounts that you must maintain for a certain period of time. Again, basic, but an excellent location to stash cash you may need in the future but don’t need right now.

9. Stock & Bond Dividends

Stocks and bonds are more interesting passive income sources for doctors, but they are riskier. For the extra risk, the potential passive income is greater.

Some equities pay dividends, typically to older businesses. The historical average dividend payment of shares is approximately 2%, although some firms pay up to 5%! A $10,000 investment in a business that pays 2% dividends will net you $200 that year (assuming the stock value is stagnant for the year).

Bonds pay interest rather than dividends, although it is basically the same thing. The main distinction is that a bond specifies the interest rate it will pay when purchased, and you are almost certain to get it unless the issuer defaults.

With a stock, the company’s dividend payment (or lack thereof) may vary, impacting your overall dividend payout (for better or worse).

10. Buy REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts)

It’s like a real estate mutual fund. Perfect for someone who wants to invest in real estate but wants to remain completely passive. They usually offer larger dividends than equities, but lack transparency and liquidity.

This may seem ridiculous, but many doctors have utilized this amazing platform to generate passive income.  A quarter is a common payout. 

Other Passive Income Tips

The Path to Financial Freedom as a Doctor

Wouldn’t it be nice to have some extra, reliable sources of income? More money is good, it would not only relieve some of our stress. It will also free up some time. Even better, it could make our day jobs more enjoyable.

Passive income streams like the ones described above enable you to spend more time with your family, enjoy your day job more, and earn some money in the process.

You Might want to ask:

The Best Way to Earn Money as a Doctor?

That relies on YOU. What do you want? Who do you wish to be? How much danger will you take?

There is no “best” method. Building a portfolio that produces passive income may be beneficial in the long term and can be part of a doctor’s financial planning approach.

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