How to own Elon Musk's Tesla stock in 2024 (An Easy Guide)

How to own Elon Musk’s Tesla stock in 2024 (An Easy Guide)


Elon Musk’s Tesla stock success over time has caught the attention of investors all over the world and in 2018, when Tesla stock went public on the NASDAQ exchange at $218 per share, people were performing back-flips in the streets. The stock closed that first day at $244 a share, which was up 20% from the IPO price.

Some of the more interesting things about Tesla’s story is that Elon Musk, who is currently at the helm, is only one of four people who have been with Tesla since its inception in 2003. This team has been able to create a name for themselves in a truly competitive industry, and as the company continues to bring out new products, Tesla’s brand will gain more popularity.

Why is Elon Musk’s Tesla stock a Solid Investment?

If you do some basic math on how Tesla’s stock has done so far, you’ll see that despite being a young company, investors have made out quite well. From 2009 through 2013, Tesla stock was trading at around $20 per share and now, after this strong run that started in 2015, the price per share is up to $252. In just nine years (not including the initial round of funding), Tesla’s returns on equity have gone up from -14% to 17% and the stock is nearly 2x where it was originally. As it continues to gain market share, and with its original goal of innovation still intact, the question is: How much more can Tesla go?

The answer is that, if the company keeps growing at its current rate while maintaining a positive cash flow (money coming in over and above what is being used to fund operations), Tesla’s value will be north of $1 trillion.

Steps to Buy Tesla (TSLA) Stock

Step 1: Open a Brokerage Account

The first thing is to be sure to open a free online brokerage account with a company like Robinhood or Vanguard. Both of these options are great because they don’t charge any commissions or transaction fees when buying stocks, which makes it easier for you to grow your investment as time goes on. This step is very important. Never, ever rely on a stock tip or other source of information because the information you receive from these sources will be unreliable.

Step 2: Choose an Index Fund

The next step is to decide which index fund you’d like to invest in. There are several options out there and one of the most popular ones is the S&P 500 Index. If you’d rather invest in a company solely, then you can choose a company like Exxonmobil or Johnson & Johnson as investments to keep your portfolio diverse (so it goes up when some stocks go down).

Step 3: Buy Elon Musk’s Tesla stock

Now that you have made a decision on the index fund or company that you want to invest in, it’s time to choose which stocks are going to make up your portfolio. In this case, we will assume you choose the S&P 500 Index. Begin by purchasing $10,000 worth of TSLA stock (currently at $252/share). If you want to invest in another company or index fund, simply repeat this process. But remember – always diversify!

Step 4: Hold Your Stock and Watch It Grow

The final step is simple, but one that a lot of people forget about. You will want to hold this stock for the next three years, and you can do that by buying more at the current price (which is $252 per share), or you could sell your stock and make a profit. Remember – investing is not about making money fast, it’s about making money over time.

About Tesla

Tesla is a company that has been able to accomplish some great things since its inception in 2003. For example, the company has received an amount of global media attention and has been able to produce several impressive vehicles. With all this success, it is easy to understand why Elon Musk’s Tesla stock price has risen so quickly over the past few years.

It’s important for investors to recognize this growth when making their investments because it shows that future returns will be substantial (and perhaps even greater). With over $53.8 billion in revenue last year, Tesla has no intention of staying at this level and is already looking to grow the company even further. With their growing customer base, the need for new technologies, and the ever-growing demands, it is clear that this stock is here to stay for many years to come.


Elon Musk may be gone from TSLA stock, but he will forever be a part of this company’s history and the billionaire will continue his innovation in the future through his other businesses, including SpaceX and Neuralink. Not too many people have been able to make a strong impact on their industries and have their own brands recognized around the world, but Musk has done just that.

If you’re interested in investing in Elon Musk’s Tesla stock to grow your personal finance, then be sure to use this article as a starting point to help you reach your goals sooner rather than later. You might also be interested in Best Guide to Buying SpaceX stock.

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