Vietsn Vietnamese Best Forum Review 2022

Vietsn Vietnamese Best Forum (2023 Review)


Vietnamese Forum is a group of Vietnamese people who live in other countries. To express Freedom and discuss issues that will bring development to their country. Visitors have been using the site to share their opinions and question the status quo in Vietnamese society.

Vietsn is a news website that publishes daily news reports from across the world. It has sections for News, Library, Technology, Entertainment, and Portals. Vietnamese Best Forum has more than organic 58.7K visitors according to SEMrush and also ranked in 35.2k position on Alexa. The website domain has been existing for more than 13 years.

Currently, it has a traffic ranking of 831,906 out of 1,854,527 sites in the top 1% of all Internet users. Similar websites ranking for Domain Names: Vietnamese Women – Vietnamese Babies – Maternal and Child Since 2010, Vietnamese Vietsn has received 8.1 million views from 7,632 unique visitors, according to the Alexa data


Majorly, it is where the Vietnamese American Community, the Vietnamese European Community, the Vietnamese Canadian Community, the Vietnamese Australian Community, and the Vietnamese Overseas Community at the large meet. They express Speech freedom, and safety. Just to ensure a bright future for Vietnamese generations.

Vietsn Business News and Economic News

The business angle of this website was what attracts the wealthgist team most. They publish finance and business related news in real-time. Which makes the operation of the website beyond the service of the Vietnamese indigenes alone.


The Vietnamese community should be a strong voice of hope. It is one of the biggest communities in the world. With more than one million citizens, Vietnamese will be the largest community by far in the next 20 years. Every indigene and resident of Vietnam should leverage the opportunity of this great platform.

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