7 Best Paid Medical Surveys Websites for physicians in 2024

7 Best Paid Medical Surveys Websites for physicians in 2024


Surveys are a great way for physicians to make money in the age of the internet. Medical surveys are even better because they are usually quite short, which leaves you plenty of time for other things while you earn passively.

There are many paid medical surveys out there, but not all of them compensate physicians as well as others, so it’s important to find ones that pay well. That is the reason why I have curated the best paid medical survey websites for physicians in this article. Stay on!

Best Paid Medical Surveys for Physicians

Here is a list of the best paid medical surveys that pay high rates per survey:

  1. Curizon (Bounty)
  2. M3 Global Research
  3. My Medical Panel
  4. ZoomRx
  5. InCrowd
  6. MDforLives

Let dive deeper to examine what you stand to benefit


1. Curizon

Bounty is the only paid medical survey that pays physicians over $8 per survey. In addition, curizon pays out a lot faster than most other paid medical surveys. They usually pay about $7 for each completed curizon survey within a few days.

Reasons to join Curizon:

  • Curizon is highly respected in the industry
  • Good payment structure
  • Payment is done as fast as possible
  • You can sign up and start taking surveys right away without any waiting. Survey invitations are sent within 24-48 hours of joining.

2. M3 Global Research

This paid medical survey pays physicians at least $13 per survey. The process of signing up is a little lengthy, but it’s worth the wait. I usually get an email asking me to complete a short qualification survey within 24 hours of signing up, then I’m invoiced and able to choose which surveys I want to take.

They have a unique and great concept in that they require physicians to do not just one or two trials, but up to five at once, which pays out very well over time and is great because you aren’t required to participate as frequently as most paid medical surveys where you are paid according to how many surveys you do each month.

Reasons to join M3 Global Research

  • Good payment at the rate of $13 per survey on average with sometimes even a few surveys paying as much as $15 per survey
  • Compensation is transparent to enable you to predict exactly what you’re making before you commit to taking a survey
  • Payment is made quickly with an average of two to three weeks
  • They have a lot of surveys
  • Flexible sign-up process that allows you to find out if you qualify for the surveys before committing to the survey.
  • They have a generous bonus for completing multiple surveys in a single week.

3. My Medical Panel

A great paid medical survey where you get paid between $2 and $6 per survey depending on how many surveys you do and/or how many points you earn by taking surveys.

They have a unique and cool way of signing up. All you need to do is join their website, then download the app or create an account through the website. Then, within a short period of time, you get an email asking you to complete a short survey, which you can complete immediately or save for later.

Reasons to join My Medical Panel:

  • Payment is good
  • Flexible sign-up process where you can take surveys immediately after completing sign-up.
  • Survey topics are catered toward your interests, which makes it more enjoyable to participate.
  • They also have a feature that allows you to earn extra points for referring other physicians to their platform.

4. ZoomRx

Another paid medical survey that pays physicians well is zoomrxs, which pays $0-$1 per survey depending on the offer and your qualifications.

Reasons to join ZoomRx

  • They have surveys for a wide array of different medical conditions, which is great because it gives you more subjects and a variety of topics to choose from.
  • Good payment structure with an average $0-$1 per survey
  • You can complete multiple surveys in a single day, which is perfect if you are busy. Perfect for anyone engaged with double shifts or seminars and being unable to take multiple paid medical surveys at once.

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5. MDforLives

This paid medical survey is popular among physicians because it pays out way better than most other paid medical surveys, which are usually in the $5-$10 CPM range for physicians. It pays over $5 per survey and up to around $7 depending on the survey.

Also offers a bonus for completing multiple surveys within a week.

Overall, paid medical surveys are very lucrative, and you will see the benefits of receiving money from them no matter what field you practice in. Additionally, they are very flexible and convenient as they can fit into your busy schedule. This is why I highly recommend them to physicians.

Though this company has restricted some countries at the moment. You can check other platforms if your country has been restricted by MDforLives.

Reasons to join MDforLives

  • Good payment of $5 per survey and up to around $7 per survey depending on the survey and your qualifications
  • They have a great mobile app and a desktop website, which makes it ideal for use on the go
  • They offer a bonus for completing multiple surveys within a week
  • They have a good reputation for paying out very quickly
  • They have a great referral program
  • They have trials for all different types of medical conditions
  • You can sign up and start taking paid medical surveys immediately after signing up if your country is listed

6. InCrowd

This paid medical survey has been around for a while and pays well with an average of $0-$5 per survey. They have become an authority in the industry and have been a source of passive income for health practitioners.

Reasons to join InCrowd

  • They have a reliable way of signing up that guarantees you are going to be taken before the next survey is released
  • You can take as many trials in a single day as you want, which makes it perfect if you need to take multiple paid medical surveys at once and don’t have time to do so on the same day.
  • They have a wide selection of surveys to choose from, including ones related to chronic conditions, rare diseases, and trials that study the effectiveness of new drugs.


OpinionSite is a website that allows users to take medical surveys for money. The site has over 1 million members and pays out in cash every month.

Once you have completed the registration steps, you will be ready to start earning points. Each day, you will receive one point for every survey you complete. Points can then be redeemed for gift cards to popular retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks, Target, and more.

Other Passive Income Tips

Leverage the Best Paid Medical Surveys Websites for physicians this Year

The value of paid medical surveys is not limited to physicians only. Anyone who practices a professional field can also benefit from them to increase their overall income. You would be surprised by how much extra you could get making $5 per survey than what you get from your current job.

Overall, paid medical surveys can increase your overall income by 10%+ per year in just a few short weeks.

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