Sky Blue Credit Repair Review | Best in 2024 ?

Sky Blue Credit Repair Review | Best in 2024 ?

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4/5 Ratings

Sky Blue Credit has a good company’s flexible credit repair service that can be tailored to meet the needs of those preparing to buy a home, facing debt collectors, or simply trying to rebuild their credit score.

The company stands out with a customer-friendly cancellation policy and a generous 90-day guarantee. However, there is room for improvement in consumer education and credit monitoring options.

Improving your credit can seem burdensome and full of headaches due to wasted time and making little progress. One of the ways to do this without hassles is with the Sky Blue Credit Repair. 

With the impacts of COVID-19, many people are looking to improve their credit scores to secure better credit and loan rates; as such many are looking for the Sky Blue Credit Repair review. 

Sky Blue Credit Repair is one of the legitimate options that can raise your credit without much work, and several people are turning to them now, likely because they have already lost or are worried about losing their jobs.

Here is a complete sky blue credit repair review to help you understand and decide whether it is a good choice.

This article will also give you insight into everything you need to know about the Sky Blue Credit Repair review and what most people say about their services. 

What is Sky Blue Credit Repair?

Sky Blue Credit Repair, based in Boca Raton, Florida, is best known for being a significant repairer in the credit industry for more than three decades. 

Sky Blue Credit is a flexible credit repair service set to meet your needs when you are facing debt collectors, plan to buy a house, or just trying to rebuild your credit score.

Its condition-free refund policy promises customers their money refund if they aren’t pleased within the first 90 days of service, which is the more reason why many people seek their service.   

It is rated A+ on Better Business Bureau (BBB) for the exceptional service they offer, such as personalised credit score assistance.

Sky Blue Credit offers a fairly standard approach to credit repair, and their fees are exactly what you’d expect from an average credit repair service.


Here are some of the good things about the Sky Blue Credit Repair Review

Simple cost structure

Sky Blue Credit charges a $79 service setup fee and an additional $79 for each month of service offered to customers. This is an addition to its flexible payment plan which allows pausing your service with a click. 

Modified services

Sky Blue Credit Repair offers optional services like mortgage preparation and debt settlement consultations in a single service plan.

Couples discount

 They offer couples discounts up to $119 for all couples that enroll in its credit repair services. 

Offers a 90-day guarantee

The company will refund all fees you have paid to seek their services within the first 90 days if you aren’t pleased with the service you receive from Sky Blue company. 

Easy to pause or cancel membership

You can pause or cancel your membership easily through the Sky Blue Credit membership portal, email, or phone.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Clients can cancel credit repair services without any additional charge or obligation with the Sky Blue Credit repair. 

Education Center

Sky Blue Credit Repair offers an online education centre that all website visitors can access. It covers topics like credit tips, a credit repair guide, a credit score guide, how-to guides, and more. 

Number of Items Disputed

Sky Blue Credit Repair focuses on removing many inaccurate and negative items on clients’ credit reports within a short amount of time. It will dispute five per credit bureau every 35 days, making 15 items total. 

Sky Blue Credit Repair uses a simple three-step credit dispute process to remove negative inaccuracies. 


Here are areas of Sky Blue credit repair review where the user thinks they need improvement on their services. 

Limited monthly disputes

 Sky Blue Credit will only send 15 disputes, five per credit bureau every day for 35 days, while many competitor companies offer unlimited disputes.

It doesn’t offer credit monitoring

 Sky Blue Credit Repair doesn’t provide credit monitoring. If you’re interested in ongoing credit monitoring, you’ll need to sign up through a third party.

Package Options

Sky Blue Credit Repair only offers limited package options, which are individual and couple pricing. 

Sky Blue Credit Repair, having operated for over two decades of experience in the credit repair industry. They need improvement in this aspect of the company’s service. 

Types of services

Sky Blue Credit repair services are straightforward and have customised solutions to meet your needs, and offer no surprises. Their consumer-friendly cancellation and refund policies give peace of mind to new customers who aren’t sold on credit repair.

Sky Blue Credit offers just one service plan, which is more flexible as it covers a broad expanse of services that can be personalised to fit individual needs.

Score Rebuilding

Sky Blue Credit  Repair offers suggestions for steps to improve your credit score when reviewing your credit. They prioritize paying off certain balances or opening a secured credit card, and work with you to form a long-term credit rebuilding plan.

Professional Credit Analysis

Sky Blue provides a detailed analysis of each credit report upon signup. They check your credit report for potential inaccuracies. 

Mortgage Preparation

Sky Blue Credit specialises in mortgage lender requirements if you are preparing to buy a home and will adjust your credit repair strategy according to your timeline.

Credit Disputes

Sky Blue Credit will go through your credit reports and begin sending disputes to the credit bureaus on your behalf; up to 15 disputes or five per bureau are allowed every 35 days.

Debt Validation

Sky Blue Credit Repair will help you navigate the debt validation process by asking the agency to provide proof of the amount owed if you received a letter from a collection’s agency for a debt you believe is inaccurate,

Goodwill Letters

Sky Blue Credit advises that goodwill letters are helpful if the event was a one-time occurrence, and you’ve been making payments on time for at least six months since.

Cease and Desist Letters

Sky Blue Credit repair customers who have been drenched with debt collection calls can ask them to send cease and desist letters to stop communications that only last for a while. However, this is only used as a last resort as it may trigger a lawsuit from the collection agency.

Price and package

Sky Blue Credit charges a $79 setup fee and an additional $79 for each month of service

It offers individuals and couples. The couple’s package comes with a discount of $119

Sky Blue Credit Repair VS The Credit Pros

Sky Blue Credit repair, which has been in business for over 30 years, is rated “A+” by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). It has dominated the credit repair industry for more than 30 years. It has all-inclusive pricing for individuals and couples to access faster disputes, unlimited removals and challenges, and excellent coaching from its outstanding team of experts. 

The Credit Pros has been in the business for 10 years and is rated “A-” by the Better Business Bureau. It offers three plans covering most aspects of money management, from main budgeting and credit score tracking to full-service disputes and removals with the credit bureaus. According to the Trustpilot, sky blue is rated 3.2

It is one of the small companies with a good rating from the Better Business Bureau, and many clients are pleased with the results they get there.

Similarities Between the Sky Blue Credit Repair and The Credit Pros

Sky Blue Credit RepairThe Credit Pros
“A+” rating from the Better Business Bureau“A-” rating from the Better Business Bureau 
In business for over 30 yearsIn business for over 10 years
90-day guarantee90-day guarantee
Free consultationFree initial consultation
35-day dispute cycle3 plans to choose from

Sky Blue Credit – Company Overview

Sky Blue Credit Repair is a leading credit repair company founded in 1989, offering credit repair services with a strong track record of helping customers get incredible results.

The enterprise offers a transparent pricing structure and offers the best value in the credit repair industry, legitimately. 

It offers service to customers across 50 states looking to repair, improve, or develop their credit reports and can benefit from Sky Blue Credit Repair.

Sky Blue credit helps its clients to improve their credit scores by analysing their reports and rectifying any inaccuracies or incorrect information that may be on them. 

According to Sky Blue Credit Repair, you can begin repairing your credit for an initial fee of $79 and then $79 per month as an individual. Couples can get a discount price of $119 per month. 

Sky Blue Credit negotiates with their customers’ lenders or disputes up to fifteen items monthly.

It offers a unique service that customers can expect from a knowledgeable customer service team and a 90-day guarantee. 

Sky Blue Credit repair is best for those looking for a customised service because it operates with a simple, transparent and high-value structure.

Its fees are rated 9/10, while communication is rated 9/10. Its dispute Process is 9/10, and its customer Service is 9.5/10. Its credibility & Trust are 10/10, and its overall rating is 9/10, as stated on the Sky Blue Credit repair’s website. 


Sky Blue Credit has a good company’s flexible credit repair service that can be tailored to meet the needs of those preparing to buy a home, facing debt collectors, or simply trying to rebuild their credit score.

This Sky Blue Credit repair review has laid out the pros and cons to help you decide whether it is the right credit repair choice and an excellent place to start. Stick around to get other credit reviews from the wealthgist team.

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