Curadebt Review: The Best of 2023?




If you’re doubtful about the best debt settlement platform to use to get out of debt, CuraDebt services might offer the right solution for you. 

Curadebt review will give you the opportunity to get the answers you desire for your debt settlement during a free consultation with a debt counselor. 

Their service includes working on your behalf to negotiate with your creditors and reach agreements for less than the total amount owed as soon as possible based on the money you have available monthly. 

This report will give you the best of curadebt review and explain in detail all you need to know about curadebt. 


What is Curadebt?

CuraDebt is a financial crisis that provides help to both individuals and small businesses who need immediate financial support. 

It is one of the oldest and most experienced teams in the industry, providing service through a team of talented specialists. 

CuraDebt settles debts for less and also helps you use laws like the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and the Telecommunications Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) in your favour. They aim to look out for creditor violations that can lead to cash settlements on your behalf while some debts dismissed. 

Their services are designed to help you achieve financial stability whether you’re having issues with credit card debt, medical bills, overdue taxes, or something else. They examine your debt history to ensure your rights have not been infringed and work with your creditors to accomplish an almost immediate reduction in your debt.

They have helped nearly 200,000 people resolve their debts over the past 19 years, 


Types of services

CuraDebt virtually offers two types of debt services, which are:

  • Debt relief
  • Tax relief 

Debt Relief

CuraDebt works to find out the best course of action for your debt. If you qualify for their debt relief program, a representative will contact you for a free consultation and then work with you to help you with your debt.

Types of Debt Addressed

CuraDebt focuses on helping clients negotiate and settle most types of unsecured debt, which include: 

Credit Card Debt

If you owe money on credit cards and you cannot afford to pay it off, CuraDebt may be able to help you. This type of assistance could apply to conventional credit cards from issuers like Visa and Mastercard and store credit cards or private label credit cards. 


Medical Debt

CuraDebt can wrap up your medical debts with other unsecured debts, especially when you do not have health insurance, and then help you pay them off for less than the amount owed. 

Personal Loans and Payday Loans

Personal loans and payday loans also qualify for Curadebt debt settlement, with any unsecured lines of credit you may have received with a bank or another financial institution.

Private Student Loans


CuraDebt can help students who do not qualify for federal student loans negotiate private student loan debt they owe through debt settlement. 

Tax Relief

If you have an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or state tax debt, CuraDebt’s professionals can work with you to resolve your issues. 

They will look for means to reduce your tax debt, arrange installments, or find another possible solution.

It has dedicated tax counselors who can help you repay past-due tax debts in all 50 states. 

The CuraDebt debt negotiation program is unique because first, CuraDebt works to maximise creditor violations to potentially get debts reduced, dismissed, and obtain cash rewards for clients.


Curadebt Debt Negotiation Process

Free Counseling Session

 Curadebt expert counsellors will listen to you, strive to understand your situation and decide if you qualify for the in-house performance-based debt negotiation program. This consultation is free, confidential, and has no obligation.

Explain Every Detail of Debt Settlement

CuraDebt counsellor will clarify the fee structure, timeline, risks, and other information, ensuring that you clearly understand the benefits and details. 

Then sign an agreement with them if you qualify for the in-house program. 

Establish A Saving Plan

A personal purpose savings account will be opened where your agreed monthly funds will be saved up for use in resolving the negotiated payoffs for your accounts.

Leverage FDCPA, TCPA, And Other Creditor/Collector Violations

Their client services and negotiations internal processes are developed to get the best monetary rewards for clients due to collection or credit reporting law violations. 


Negotiate The Best Resolutions On Debts Remaining

Debts that are persisting after the FDCPA, TCPA, and other violations, their in-house negotiation team will work to finalize settlements as quickly as possible for the most significant savings to you, based on the funds you have available.

If the creditor accepts the offer and you accept the settlement, your debt is settled, and the commission will be paid. This process will be repeated for all of your debts until you graduate from the program.

Price and package

The Curadebt fees are 20% of the total debt amount, and there are no upfront charges for consultation and services. 

The total cost you pay depends on:

  • Your creditors
  • Your credit balances
  • Your monthly contributions to the program
  • The amount that can be negotiated from your balance
  • How quickly it is negotiated
  • The fees charged


Here are some of the benefits of the curadebt review


No upfront fees

One of the reasons why many seek curadebt services is that they don’t have to pay upfront before they enroll in a debt relief program. They only pay when they get results. CuraDebt doesn’t charge any upfront fees before consultation, and you’ll pay an average of 20% of each settled debt in payments as progress is made.

Free Insight

Their free consultation service can help you see if debt settlement is right for you, as you will get the chance to speak with a debt counsellor without any commitment to help you decide if debt settlement might work for your goals. 

Tax Negotiation 


CuraDebt has tax advisors on staff who help you deal with federal and state tax debts and a broad range of unsecured debts. 

Excellent user reviews online

CuraDebt has excellent primary reviews on platforms like Trustpilot and others. 

Find creditor violations that can lead to cash settlements and dismissed debt amounts.

CuraDebt has in-house experts who use laws like the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Telecommunications Consumer Protection Act to your advantage to either get a cash settlement, dismiss your debt amount, or both. 


Higher savings

With CuraDebt, you get to cut your debt around 80% or more as it will get some debts ultimately dismissed, paying only 20%./

Goes after the legality of your debt

CuraDebt takes a professional approach to negotiating your debts down by first looking for legal violations committed by your lender to get them to forgive them all.


Here are some of the drawbacks of the Curadebt review


No mobile app is available

Curadebt doesn’t offer the mobile app option, while some debt relief companies do.

Lacks transparency

It’s impossible to get basic information from both its website and staff.

Sketchy website


Curadebt’s website doesn’t reveal the kinds of services or how they even differ. 

Poor customer service

CuraDebt’s customer service representatives don’t always have the time to answer even the most basic questions. 

The Curadebt – Company Overview

CuraDebt is a Florida-based debt settlement company formed in 2000 and has been around for more than 20 years.

It offers debt settlement, debt consolidation, and tax debt relief. 


CuraDebt is a debt relief company that offers debt settlement services for unsecured personal, business, and tax debt. It has a track record of higher settlement amounts up to 100%.

CuraDebt is a company that offers debt relief services to struggling consumers through debt settlement which can help you negotiate the debt down and pay less than you owe. A free consultation with them can help you decide if debt settlement is right for you or not. 

This process implores customers to stop making payments on unsecured debts they owe and instead begin saving a set amount of money in dedicated savings account each month. CuraDebt will negotiate with your creditors to help you settle debts for less than you currently owe in balances, interest, and fees once an accumulated saving has been achieved. 

Curadebt Review- Trustpilot Scores and Ratings

Curadebt reviews a total of 11 on the Trustpilot platform with 4 out of 5. 

It has 91% Excellent, with 9% great, 0% average, 0% poor and 0% bad. 


Curadebt Review vs The Credit Pros Review

Curadebt Review

CuraDebt employs a process known as debt settlement to help consumers get out of debt for less than their current balances. This process implores customers to stop making payments on unsecured debts they owe; instead, begin saving a set amount of money in dedicated savings account each month to negotiate with your creditors to help you settle debts for less than you currently owe in balances, interest, and fees. 

CuraDebt helps you use laws like the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and the Telecommunications Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) as they aim to find creditor violations that can lead to cash settlements or debt dismissed on your behalf. 

The Credit Pros

The Credit Pros is best for individuals with extensive credit damage following a long history of mismanaged debt. 

Credit Pros is a technology-enabled credit repair service that improves Americans’ credit profiles.

Credit Pros is one of the small companies with a good rating from the Better Business Bureau that has been in the business for ten years. It’s rated “A-” by the Better Business Bureau. 


It offers three plans covering most aspects of money management, from central budgeting and credit score tracking to full-service disputes and removals with the credit bureaus.

The company’s entry-level credit repair package provides exceptional service compared to equivalent plans from competitors. 

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Conclusion – Our Take

Curadebt is a debt settlement company that helps you with debt and tax relief. They use the professional services of expert counsellors to decide whether you are fit for the debt settlement or not.

Curadebt reviews have shown that they are best at what they do as they don’t charge you for consultation, but you only have to pay 20% of your total debt after getting the results. 


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