The Credit Pros Review (2023) – Is it Legit?

the credit pros review


4/5 Ratings

Finding a life partner that can lend you a helping hand and also respects you, works hard to serve you, and is trustworthy isn’t easy. Still, with the credit pros, you are sure to get all of these qualities as they passionately work to serve you despite the frustrating and complicated effort of credit repair.

The Credit Pros review will tell you how much of the quality and competent service they offer as it is one of the credit repair companies that go to any length to prove their loyalty and trustworthiness to you. 


How about you complete the credit pros review by reading it here? This article is written to give you insight as to how diligently and trustworthy the credit pros work and the type of services you get with them, not leaving out their packages and pricing. 

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What is The Credit Pros?

The Credit Pros has been competently helping people repair their credit by updating inaccurate items for over a decade. It is committed to ensuring that its customers have a fair shot at good credit. 

A team of credit law experts founded the Credit Pros to make sure that everyone has access to information that can help them to build good credit for a lifetime.


Credit Pros doesn’t only offer credit repair; it also provides financial and credit education tools and resources to help its clients understand their reports and how their credit score works. 

The Credit Pros offer various credit repair services to those who pay a premium fee for convenience. Their prices are worth considering if you need the full scope of their available services. 

The Credit Pros goes beyond making their representatives accessible through traditional phone and email, and they are always available to answer phones from 9:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. EST Monday through Friday. 

The Credit Pros is also one of the few credit repair companies to offer a free mobile app that customers can track their credit repair progress, view their credit reports, and get push notifications when score changes are observed. The Credit Pros app gets excellent reviews with 4.5-star average ratings in Google Play and Apple app stores.



Here are some good about the Credit Pros Review

Free consultation

The Credit Pros provide an initial phone consultation regarding credit free of charge.

Bonus services

The credit pros offer credit disputes and monitoring packages which include financial planning tools like a budgeting system, debt management services, identity theft monitoring, and more to its clients. 

It offers a mobile app

The Credit Pros’ offers a free mobile app available for download on iOS and Android devices.

Unlimited credit disputes

There’s no hard-and-fast limitation to the number of disputes The Credit Pros will send on your behalf each month, even with the most basic plan to your credit agency. 

Bilingual services available

Customers at the Credit pros can receive assistance in both English and Spanish.


Here are a few of what people think needs improvement about the Credit Pros review. 

High initial fees

Initial work fees at the company fall between $119 and $149, which is very high for a first-time customer. 

Limited educational resources

The Credit Pros lags in providing consumers’ education while it provides some helpful information regarding credit health. 

Website difficult to navigate

With difficulty navigating the website, customers may find it uneasy locating the information they need on The Credit Pros’ website.

Types of services

The Credit Pros wraps its services into three different packages at various price points for customers interested in credit repairs. The more expensive plans, the more benefits than the entry-level options.

Credit dispute letters

The Credit Pro specialists will start disputing inaccurate and negative items from clients’ credit reports immediately after signing up. The unlimited dispute offers are only available with the two top-tier plans.

Contract Duration

There are no contracts to worry about with The Credit Pros as all plans are month to month and can be terminated at any time as long as clients contact the company before their next payment is due.

Cease and desist letters 

While clients are trying to work out the best method for improving their credit health, they might benefit from getting rid of the constant phone calls from creditors. 

Though Credit Pros can’t make your debts go away, it can communicate to your creditors that you’d like to take a break from their collections.

Debt validation letters

If clients are suspicious of a debt, the Credit Pros can draft and send a debt validation letter on their behalf. The creditor will be unable to continue their collection activities until they respond to the debt validation letter. 

Goodwill letters

Creditors might be willing to remove degrading events from clients’ credit reports, especially if clients’ credit history shows a responsible attitude towards finance when asked nicely. 

One-on-one consultations

The Credit Pros credit specialists are always at the client’s beck and call for personalised assistance. These certified FICO professionals can help clients devise an action plan and educate them on any credit-related topic they might be unclear about.

Snowball and Avalanche Debt System

The Credit Pros can assist in implementing one of their systems for paying off debts. The Snowball method means paying off the smallest debts first and then gradually working towards taking care of the largest one, while the Avalanche method involves doing the exact opposite of the snowball. 

ID theft restoration and insurance

The Credit pros offer a rare service for credit repair companies as it offers ID theft restoration and insurance, which is considered a big plus for them. 

The Credit Pros members are provided with a top-notch in-house legal team.

24/7 access to client portal

The Credit Pros Mobile App is available for both Android and iOS users. It is easy to use, and highly-rated as all clients’ information will be at their fingertips wherever they go. 

Aside from showing updated credit reports, credit scores, current credit disputes and more, the app will notify clients about vital changes, lets clients upload documents, and grants access to various finance tools.

Price and packages

The Credit Pros offers more extensive service options than almost any competitor, and its prices are also on the high end for the industry. Initial work fees for the entry-level Money Management plan are almost twice the monthly fees for that package. 

Pricing for the most premium plan is up to $149 in first work and monthly fees, unaffordable if clients are simultaneously paying down debts to improve their credit. 

The Credit Pros rationalises its high prices by wrapping a list of credit repair and financial services into its packages. 

The significant aspect of The Credit Pros’ service is that each package addresses credit repair the same way. The Credit Pros’ plan is the scope of non-credit repair services included, which makes the company’s entry-level plan a fantastic value compared to other credit repair companies. 

Money Management Package

The Money Management plan includes all the basic tools needed to address credit, such as unlimited monthly disputes, credit and identity monitoring, and access to financial planning tools like a budgeting system. Its first work fee is $119.00, while $69.00 is the monthly fee. 

In this plan, The Credit Pros’ debt management services offer extensive services compared to other packages and other credit repair services. The Credit Pros will help address the debt using a snowball or avalanche repayment method but will be limited to just one debt repayment account with the Money Management plan. 

Prosperity Package

The Prosperity Package covers everything found in the Money Management plan but isn’t limited to a single debt repayment account. This plan is a more logical option for those who need to address more than just inaccurate items on their report. Its first work fee is $119.00, while the monthly fee is $119.99. 

Success Plus Package

This is the Credit Pros’ premium plan. The Success Plus Package offers the most varied services than the Prosperity Package. This plan gives access to a credit builder loan and reports and scores from the three major credit bureaus.

The first work fee is $149.00, and the monthly fee is also rated at $149.00.

The Credit Pros Review – Trust pilot score and rating.

The Credit Pros has 237 reviews on the Trust pilot with 4.7 excellent ratings. 

It has 85% excellent, 9% great, 1% average, 1&% poor and 5% bad.

Sky Blue Credit Repair VS The Credit Pros

The Credit Pros has been in business for ten years and has an “A-” rating with the Better Business Bureau. It provides three plans that cover the majority of aspects of money management, from main budgeting and credit score tracking to full-service credit bureau disputes and removals. 

Sky Blue Credit Repair has been in business for the past 30 years. It has dominated the credit repair industry. Individuals and couples can benefit from all-inclusive pricing, unlimited removals and challenges, and excellent coaching from its outstanding team of experts.

Both of them are trusted while the main choice remains yours.

The Credit Pros – Company Overview

The Credit Pros is a credit repair company equipped to deal with debt repayment and budgeting. 

The company was founded in 2009, and it is Better Business Bureau accredited. It offers services that help clients repair their credit scores by removing harmful, unverified, and inaccurate items on clients’ credit reports.

Inc. Magazine ranked The Credit Pros as one of America’s 5,000 fastest growing companies and consists of qualified professionals who provide high-quality credit repair services to all clients. 

The company claims to be “the company fixing America’s credit.”

The business offers services at no additional cost, including identity theft restoration and insurance, 24/7 client portal access, credit reports, credit monitoring services, etc.

The Credit Pros services offers a complete money-back guarantee and let clients cancel services at any time, but do not provide credit repair services in these states: California, Georgia, Kansas, Maine, Minnesota, Oregon, and South Carolina.

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Conclusion – Our Take

The Credit Pros is best for individuals with extensive credit damage following a long history of mismanaged debt. 

The company’s entry-level credit repair package provides exceptional service compared to equivalent plans from competitors. 

The Credit Pros review is worth taking full advantage of all the services included in the package you choose. You should consider whether the monthly fees would have a more positive effect on your credit if you used the funds to pay credit balances rather.


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