Credit Repair Cloud Review - Is it worth it?

Credit Repair Cloud Review – Is it worth it?

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If you have ever thought of starting a profitable credit repair business, but you are credit confused about what and how to begin, this credit repair cloud review will answer all the questions to your problem. 

Credit Repair Cloud has been operating for over a decade, serving as the best software to help you start and grow your credit repair business. 

If you doubt if it is wise enough to start with Credit Repair Cloud, this article will clear your doubt and make you see why Credit Repair Cloud is the best software, to begin with. 

What is Credit Repair Cloud?

Credit Repair Cloud is software that makes it easy to run, grow and launch your credit repair business with ease. It enables you to launch your credit repair business and send out dispute letters to your clients.

Credit Repair Cloud is the world’s first cloud-based credit repair software that powers the credit repair industry. It has helped over 17k active users take hold of their financial future, improve over 8.65M credit report items, earn over $170M in revenue, and helped 50+ of our users become millionaires! 

The Credit Hero movement began with Daniel Rosen, the founder, and CEO of Credit Repair Cloud. A bank error nearly destroyed Daniel’s life, and he became obsessed with changing lives by eliminating the stigma of credit repair through fighting the big banks and bureaus and growing a movement that enables users to change their own lives, their community’s lives, and the world by becoming a Credit Hero. 

This software allows you to easily upload credit reports by clicking on a button and lets you send out bulk dispute letters, which saves you hours of labour.

It works in partnership with the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and helps you to fix the credit of companies and individuals.

The Credit Repair Cloud – Company Overview

Credit Repair Cloud is a cloud-based B2B SaaS software for the Credit Repair Industry. It is the world’s first cloud-based credit repair software and CRM, fueling most of America’s credit repair industry. 

Credit Repair Cloud has thousands of users in over 3000 cities globally. It is used by mortgage brokers, realtors, attorneys and CPAs to increase clients’ credit scores or for entrepreneurs wanting to start a credit repair business. 

Credit Repair Cloud is an all-in-one business solution software designed to launch, manage, and expand a profitable recurring-revenue scalable business.

Credit Repair Cloud’s patent-pending method automates correcting errors on credit reports as it imports and analyses credit reports, flags negative items and disputes the errors. 

It is also a full-featured CRM designed to manage and track every aspect of a credit repair business from sales to billing, employees, referral partners, leads, and metrics, as it helps entrepreneurs to assist their clients with their credit, change lives, and make a great living in the process.


Here is some positivity about the credit repair cloud review. 

Affordable membership plans

Credit Repair Cloud has different pricing and packages for its members ranging from start plans, growth plans, scale plans, and enterprises plan, which allows users to choose plans that best fit their pocket and can afford. 

Access to free resources

Once you join the Credit repair cloud, you gain access to many resources like CMR software, workbooks, templates, PDFs, etc. 

No Technical Skill required

Credit Repair cloud doesn’t require any technical skills to start your own credit repair business. 

Send out letters via CloudMail

The company helps you send out dispute letters or goodwill letters through cloud mail. 

Automate your business with Zapier

When you register, your business becomes automated with Zapier and builds a recurring CRO business for you. 

Import Credit Report Faster 

With the credit repair cloud, you don’t have to wait long before getting your credit reports, as it does so faster than any other software. 


Here are some of the negatives of credit repair cloud review. 

Requires Skill

As credit repair cloud is not a get-rich-quick scheme, you must spend time learning the skill even though there are free courses. 

Requires Capital

As a startup, you need to spend some money to enter into this business and make some investments towards the goal. 

Requires Experience 

The credit repair industry isn’t the easiest one to get into if you’re a newbie; you need to be experienced or trained to find your way around it. 

Still requires hard work

The credit repair cloud can be stressful because credit laws don’t require you to be hardworking and determined. 

Types of Services

Credit Repair Cloud gives you the best support and tools to run your own credit repair business efficiently. 

Credit Repair Cloud Integrations

Your business gets integrated as soon as you apply through the three types of integration. Credit Repair Cloud has three types of integrations:

  • Pre-Built Integrations.
  • Zapier Integrations.
  • Direct Integrations.

It can integrate with hundreds of apps using Zapier, which allows the credit repair cloud to connect or link with other software used in your business, such as Active Campaign, CRMs, and Sales Funnels.

Bulk disputing

On the credit repair cloud software, you get access to bulk disputing, giving you enough room to attend to customers at a time. 

Dispute letter templates

You have access to dispute letter templates which makes it easier for beginners to send dispute letters to creditors.

Active support team

The Credit repair cloud gives you a dynamic and full support team for your business. On the software, you have access to a couple of experts to help your business grow. 

Price and Packages

Credit Repair Cloud has four offers to repair bad credit with prices ranging from $179 to $599 per month, with each package having a specific way of repairing bad credit and caters to different economic circumstances.

Start Plan

The “Start” payment plan is the cheapest plan that offers the most affordable way to understand credit repair at your own pace, with access to interactive modules that are simple to understand. Your CRM is solely equipped with all you need to start and continue growing your business. 

With this plan, you’ll learn about the different methods of repairing a client’s credit, including business structures, marketing strategies, client service skills, record keeping and many more.

This plan costs $179/month, and it is the best plan to start with.

In this plan, you can:

  • Add up to three employees.
  • Have access to core features to train you.
  • Get unlimited storage and affiliates.
  • Attend to up to 300 active clients.
  • Get all dispute letter templates

Grow Plan 

The grow plan is a premium plan for entrepreneurs who wish to grow their businesses. In this plan, you can add up to 600 leads, affiliates, and team members to your account. This plan costs $299/Month, and you will get: 

  • Option to add up to six employees.
  • Serve up to 600 active clients.
  • All core features.

The grow plan is the best for users who need more active clients

Scale Plan  ($399/Month)

This package gives you all the tools you need to run your business. The Scale package will provide you with a domain, hosting, and a website that is ensured to increase your chances of achievement in credit repair. 

It offers unlimited email addresses, affiliates, storage, and 1200 clients per month.

This plan is suitable for those aiming to scale fast as it costs $399/month. 

You will have access to:

  • Add up to 12 employees or team members.
  • Unlimited affiliates, leads, and storage
  • All the core features
  • Effortlessly provide service to up to 1200 paying clients

Enterprise Plan ($599/Month)

Enterprise Plan is the highest tier which is also the most cost-effective one. It is meant for businesses that plan to do large-scale, high-volume work with Credit Repair Cloud.

The Enterprise package gives you full access to all of the software’s core features, the capacity to have up to 24 active users, and the ability to have 2400 total clients in your CRM at one time.

The Enterprise Plan costs $599/month for those successful in their businesses. You can:

  • Add up to 24 employees or team members.
  • Have unlimited storage, affiliates, and leads
  • Provide services to a maximum of 2400 high-paying clients.
  • Get all the core features

Credit Repair Cloud Review – Trustpilot Score and Ratings

The Credit Repair Cloud reviews are 1,588 on the trust pilot with an excellent score of 4.9 out of 5. 

It has 93% excellent, 5% great, 1% average, 1% poor and 1% bad. 

Credit Repair Cloud VS The Credit Pros

The Credit Repair Cloud Review

Credit Repair Cloud is the world’s first cloud-based credit repair software that powers the credit repair industry.

The credit repair cloud is software that makes running, growing, and launching your credit repair business easy. This credit repair enables you to launch your credit repair business and send out dispute letters for your clients.

It has helped over 17k active users take hold of their financial future, improve over 8.65M credit report items, earn over $170M in revenue, and helped 50+ of our users become millionaires! 

The Credit Pros Review

The Credit Pros is a technology-enabled credit repair service that improves Americans’ credit profiles.

Credit Pros is one of the small companies with a good rating from the Better Business Bureau that has been in the business for ten years. It’s rated “A-” by the Better Business Bureau. 

It offers three plans covering most aspects of money management, from central budgeting and credit score tracking to full-service disputes and removals with the credit bureaus.

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Conclusion – Our Take

This Credit Repair Cloud Software is best for beginners and experienced professionals who want to run a successful credit repair business. 

The price and package offered by credit repair cloud are different, and the items in each package are designed to help work through your business at a particular stage. 

Credit Repair Cloud offers simple no-contract pricing starting at $179 per month, and their highest plan can go to $599 per month.

We hope this credit repair cloud review answers your question.

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