How much is a Rose on Tiktok

How much is a Rose on Tiktok


TikTok is one of the most popular fast growing social media platforms.

It offers universal entertainment through captivating short videos capable of influencing societal prospects.

Asides communication through short videos, the live stream features allow users to communicate with their audience and followers, giving them the chance to comment and donate a gift to appreciate and support them.

There are about 100 gift features on TikTok which are either stickers or AR effects each of different price ranges. Rose gift is one of the most popular and affordable gifts one can send in a live stream to support the content creator.

This can be found by tapping on the Gift button or tapping the dedicated Rose button.

How much is a Rose gift on Tiktok

Of the various gifts on tiktok, the Rose gift is one of the cheapest one that can easily support a creator.

A rose gift costs 1 tiktok coin which is equivalent to 1.4 US cents. Other gifts of the same value include ice cream cones, a Tiktok logo and wishing bottles.

There are other expensive tiktok gifts, the Lion worth about $400 and the Galaxy worth about $13-$15.

How to donate tiktok gift go a content creator

First you need to purchase tiktok coins by clicking the three dotted lines on your profile, select ‘Settings and Privacy’, click the ‘Balance’ tab and tap the recharge button beside your balance.

Note that tiktok purchases are made on Apple store or play store. This depends on the type of device being used. 

Rose can be used in different ways both by viewers and creator, creators can use received roses to fund a charity cause. 

The more Roses received by creators the more visible and engaged their content is. 

Content creators can also engage in some form of competitions using the rose gift as appreciation for their users, this in turn strengthens the relationship between creators and their audience. 

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Rose gift comes to mind when one wishes to appreciate creators, it is cheap and easy to purchase. 

The rose gift also helps to increase engagement and visibility of content so the next time you wish to support a creator on Tiktok, consider gifting the Rose

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