What Does Gyatt Mean on Tiktok

What Does Gyatt Mean on Tiktok


With millions of users on the TikTok App, one shouldn’t expect fewer slang terms and acronyms usage. 

Just like other social media platforms the word ‘gyatt’ is one of those slang terms and acronyms usually used on TikTok.

Other slang terms include Rizz, and Slay amongst others. 

The frequency of its usage doesn’t necessarily mean it is exclusive to TikTok alone. 

As a new user on Tiktok, these acronyms may seem new and difficult to understand, but as you become more familiar with the app you get to understand the usage of those slang terms better. 

What does the word ‘Gyatt’ means on Tiktok

‘Gyatt’ according to the dictionary is an exclamation of admiration and appreciation but was introduced by a YouTuber around 2021 and since then has been going viral. 

Gyatt or gyat on TikTok mean ‘God dam’.

Frequently used in the comment section or direct message to appreciate something attractive. 

It can also means ‘get your act together’ 

Other Slang terms used on tiktok Asides Gyatt

We have compiled a list of slang terms and acronyms used on the TikTok app to make you enjoy your stay on the app while making understanding and usage of the terms easier. 

RIZZ – Depending on the context, it is often used to denote romance or a sort of attraction 

GLAZING – over complimenting or over hyping to the point of cringe worthy 

SLAY –   Usually to compliment someone doing a great job or doing very good especially when it comes to fashion, artistic performance 

NO CAP –  means not lying 

IT’S GIVING – Usually a positive compliment used to describe something that hits differently 

CHEUGY –  trying hard to be trendy or in style

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TikTok is a platform flooded with many slang terms and acronyms, some of which are frustrating if one doesn’t go with the flow. 

Getting familiar with the meanings and usage of these terms makes it fun to be on the app and this is why we have listed them with their meanings. 

We hope this article is helpful. 

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