In recent years, the demand for MBA graduates has been growing, both in established markets and emerging economies. According to a Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) survey, 89% of European companies planned to hire MBA graduates in 2022. Similarly, in the Asia-Pacific region, the demand for MBA graduates has significantly … Read more

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Most businesses were seriously affected by the pandemic, but some companies were impacted more than others. The ERC program was created to provide financial relief for businesses by rewarding them for retaining the employees they need. Do you want to know the Eligibility for Employee Retention Credit? It was virtually … Read more

Proposal software has the potential to revolutionize the way small businesses conduct their business. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can show your business proposal or other product to prospects in a way that is professional, without the need for expensive graphic designers. If you’ve been on the … Read more

As we move into the modern era of business, one term resonates louder than ever: Corporate Branding. This critical business strategy is all about creating a comprehensive and coherent identity for a company that resonates with its target audience and leaves an indelible imprint. It encapsulates everything a business represents, … Read more

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Modern businesses need to use merchandising as marketing. It is not enough to simply have some signage outside your store or some simple ads on web pages. Branded merchandise helps to spread awareness of your business and its services, acting as marketing and not just apparel. Here are just a … Read more

Physical and virtual universities have been offering online degree programs to students worldwide. A magnitude of students has preferred going and attending classes on campus. However, since the global pandemic, more and more people have become aware of virtual learning. It wasn’t until the lockdown forced classes to move online … Read more