Your 7-step YouTube marketing strategy

Your 7-step YouTube marketing strategy


Harness the power of video for successful digital marketing. YouTube is a powerful tool for digital marketing and growing business brands.

Creating video content may seem easy but creating a video that can effectively leave an impact can be difficult. Here are some tips on how you can best utilize video for business YouTube marketing strategy.

Why YouTube?

YouTube is becoming a more important marketing tool for businesses. It is the second-largest search engine in the world, and it has over 2 billion unique visitors every month.

When a business first starts, the easiest way to increase its online presence is through YouTube videos. With so many options for video content, it can be challenging to choose which one to produce.

Steps to YouTube marketing strategy

1. Use effective editing tools

Create an effective video using video editing tools that you trust. You can find a number of video editing tools nowadays that you can boast of on the web. But not all of them provide all that you need in terms of video marketing.

The most used features in video editing for marketing purposes are effects, filters, adding text, subtitles, and more. Plus, these video editing tools also let you publish your finished work directly to the platform that you want to use for your marketing process, such as YouTube.

2. Create high-quality videos with values

Make sure to create videos that are high quality, provide valuable information, and are entertaining to your audience. With these characteristics in your video, you can ensure that you will be creating an effective and engaging video for your target audience.

Uploading high-quality videos leave a positive experience for your customers. That experience also will make them want to return and watch more other videos from your channel.

3. Utilize engaging title

Write an interesting and engaging title for the video. The title plays the most vital role in content marketing.

A good title alone has the ability to increase the chances of your content being clicked by up to 54 percent. That makes writing a good title for your video using YouTube for your business important.

4. Incorporate keywords effectively

Next to the title, effective keywords and descriptions also lead people to read your content. That is through SEO or also known as Search Engine Optimization.

Using effective description and keywords are not even a problem if you will hire a digital marketer for your business. They know how SEO works, and they have a wide range of knowledge on how more people can find your videos using keywords and descriptions.

5. Incorporate keywords effectively

With YouTube as the main server for your video, you must also embed your videos on your website and other social media platforms.

Practice doing this, and you will surely observe the increase in exposure to your video. And never forget to add the landing page in your video description. This will lead your website to gain more traffic as well.

6. Encourage your viewers to share

Share your videos with your followers and encourage them to share with their friends. Aside from its main purpose which it increases visibility for your video and builds brand awareness, it also works well in driving more traffic to your website.

7. Track your progress

Monitor the performance of your videos and make adjustments as needed. YouTube has built-in data analytics that you can rely on to monitor the performance of each video. By looking and studying analytics, you would understand which video is not getting more views and which one gets the most. You will also understand why it happens.

Youtube is not only for video sharing but also for advertisement or also as Search Engine Marketing. As it becomes a commercial platform, advertisers take advantage of its advertisement feature. Due to having billions of users, this has become a good place to introduce what your brand offers and how it can help others in their tasks.

Apply Other Digital Marketing Strategy


It’s not just a place to watch videos anymore. YouTube has evolved, and many brands are using it as an advertising platform.

Who would have thought that YouTube will become the greatest marketing tool of today? That it can be beneficial not only for entertainment purposes but also for marketing the business.

This platform provides an interesting way to connect with numerous audiences, share content, educate customers, and build brand awareness. Now I believe you have learned how to use YouTube as a marketing tool.

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