8 Ways Businesses Can Support Local Higher Education

8 Ways Businesses Can Support Local Higher Education


As businesses continue to thrive in today’s global economy, they must remember their roots and the communities that helped them grow. One important way for companies to give back is by supporting local higher education institutions.

ways businesses can support local higher education

Businesses can play a crucial role in shaping the future of their local colleges and universities in many ways. If you’re a business owner or manager, here’s how you can do it too.

By partnering with universities and colleges to fund research initiatives, companies can help advance important academic pursuits while contributing to their local communities growth and development.

This type of collaboration can lead to groundbreaking discoveries, increased knowledge, and enhanced technologies that benefit both academia and businesses.

Additionally, sponsoring research projects can create opportunities for businesses to network and connect with top talent in their students studying related fields, which can ultimately drive innovation and growth.

Offer Internships

By providing internships to students, businesses can offer them valuable hands-on experience that can help students build the skills they need to succeed in their careers.

For example, in today’s Ed-Tech, where distance learning is on the rise, online degrees in education typically require a mix of theoretical coursework and practical experience.

While online courses can provide a solid foundation in theory and pedagogy, internships can allow students to apply their knowledge in real-world settings. It can help students to gain valuable experience working with students, develop lesson plans, and collaborate with other education professionals.

Provide scholarships

Scholarships help offset the high tuition costs students must pay for quality education, eventually making higher education more accessible to everyone.

By offering scholarships, businesses not only support their community members’ education but also help create a more skilled and knowledgeable workforce. It can benefit businesses by increasing the pool of qualified candidates for future employment opportunities.

Businesses can donate different types of equipment and supplies to higher education institutions.

For example, companies specializing in technology may donate computers, software, or other electronics essential for many academic programs. Similarly, companies that manufacture scientific equipment may choose to donate lab equipment or supplies used in research projects.

Local businesses can also donate general office supplies, such as paper, pens, and printer ink, for faculty and staff throughout the institution.

These types of donations may seem small, but they can help to alleviate budgetary pressures and allow universities to redirect funds to other important areas.

Businesses can also partner with institutions on specific initiatives. For example, a local business may choose to sponsor a new sustainability or renewable energy program by providing the necessary equipment and supplies.

This type of partnership can benefit both the business and the educational institution by creating opportunities for collaboration and innovation.

Support faculty development

Faculty development encompasses various initiatives and programs designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of educators in their field.

Here are some ways through which businesses can support local higher education through faculty development:

  • Businesses can support institutions financially to fund research and attend conferences and workshops. This funding can help educators stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and developments and provide them with the resources they need to enhance their skills.
  • Businesses can offer professional development programs for educators to improve their skills in teaching, research, and other areas. 
  • Businesses can collaborate with instructors to develop curricula relevant to the industry and the local community’s needs.

Offer guest lectures

Offering guest lectures can be an effective way for businesses to support local higher education institutions. Here are some ways that businesses can provide guest lectures to support local higher education:

  • Partner with professors: Many professors are eager to bring guest speakers who can offer unique perspectives on their subject matter. Businesses can identify opportunities to share their expertise with students in relevant fields by partnering with professors. It can include everything from technical experts in STEM fields to marketing professionals in business programs.

  • Create a workshop or seminar:┬áBusinesses can also offer workshops or seminars that provide more in-depth training on a specific topic. It can be valuable for students seeking practical skills and experience in their chosen field.

  • Host events on campus: These can include everything from career fairs to industry conferences and symposiums. By providing a platform for students to connect with professionals in their field, businesses can help build a talent pipeline to support their growth and success.

Hire interns after graduation

One way businesses can support local higher education is by offering job opportunities to interns upon graduation.

By doing so, companies can help ensure students can transition smoothly from their academic life to professional life while also benefitting from the fresh ideas and perspectives that interns can bring.

In addition, by hiring interns as full-time employees, businesses can tap into a pool of talented and motivated individuals already familiar with the company’s operations and culture. It can save businesses time and money on recruitment and training while boosting employee retention rates.

Sponsoring field trips

By offering financial assistance for students to attend educational trips, businesses can provide valuable learning experiences outside the classroom.

These experiences can enhance students’ understanding of various subjects and industries and inspire them to pursue careers related to sponsoring businesses.

For example, a local technology company can sponsor a field trip for a computer science class to visit their headquarters and learn about the latest trends in software development.


There are numerous ways that businesses can support local higher education institutions.

By offering internships, sponsoring research projects, donating funds, and engaging in collaborative initiatives, companies can help to ensure that local colleges and universities have the resources and support they need to thrive.

These institutions can produce a skilled and educated workforce, drive innovation and economic growth in the local community, and create lasting business partnerships that benefit everyone involved.

Ultimately, investing in local higher education is not only a wise business decision but also a powerful way to contribute to the development and success of the community.

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