9 Tips For Enhancing Your Property’s Appeal

9 Tips For Enhancing Your Property’s Appeal


Are you a property owner in Pittsburgh looking for potential buyers? Selling your house is difficult in this economy since buyers are expecting the housing market to collapse.

Even though this crash isn’t happening anytime soon, the housing market in cities like Pittsburgh seems to be declining. House sales have dropped by over 19% since 2022 in Pittsburgh, and properties are staying longer on the market.

However, you can attract more buyers by enhancing your property’s appeal. Certain features help maximize the attractiveness and marketability of a house. Here’s what you need to know:

Hire some professional stagers

Look for professional home staging services near you to prepare your property for potential buyers. It will help showcase your home in the best way possible and enhance its appeal during an open house. In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, house staging costs anywhere between $600 and $4,000 for transforming your home into a captivating piece of real estate. But properly-staged houses are sold quicker and get an amazing ROI. 

Replace cracked windows

Damaged and cracked windows aren’t just an eyesore, they also diminish your house’s curb appeal. Windows can crack because of extreme heat and locals In Pittsburgh should replace heat-damaged windows.

You can find many professional Pittsburgh window replacement companies to do the job quickly. Do your research before finalizing a contractor. New windows will not only add to the property’s value, but will also reduce your energy consumption and improve insulation while you’re still using the house.

Illuminate your living room

When showcasing your house, open the window covers and allow sunlight to light up the interior. A brightly-lit house enhances your property’s appeal and makes it look more spacious. Ample illumination is necessary to improve your home’s aesthetics and brighten up poorly-lit corners. You can also install additional floor or ceiling lights if your house lacks enough windows.

Tend to pending repairs

Renovate and refurbish as much as possible to improve your property’s aesthetics and value. Don’t overlook any pending repairs, otherwise, would-be buyers coming to inspect the house will likely not consider the property a second time.

There shouldn’t be any damage to the foundation or structure of your house. Ensure all appliances are working just fine and there’s no problem with the plumbing. Your house’s HVAC system must be running smoothly as well. You can call roofers to find any pending repairs there and clean your gutters and chimneys.

Upgrade the kitchen 

Certain upgrades inside the home significantly increase the property’s worth. For instance, the kitchen and the bathroom are focal points for every person interested in buying or renting your home. Upgrading these two sections will enhance its appeal and attract more potential buyers. Data shows that homeowners can get 52% of their investments back after upgrading their kitchen and renovating it properly.

You may consider upgrading kitchen appliances or adding new countertops. Replace lighting fixtures, replace leaky faucets, install a new backsplash, and give all your cabinets a fresh coat of paint.

Wash your driveway

When tending to interior decorations and bathroom renovations, don’t forget about your driveway as well as the patio. Wash your driveway to give it a cleaner look. Call deep-cleaning pros to give your entire house a tidier façade. Clean all the stonework in your yard, remove old stains, and remove the in-grown weed.

Also, maintain the garden to add to the aesthetics of your property. Contact a professional gardener to maintain your lawn temporarily so you can showcase it proudly to buyers.

Redo the paint

A fresh coat of paint works wonders in changing the curb appeal of your property. It can transform the house’s façade. However, you need to adhere to neutral colors and hues that are easy on the eyes. An appealing exterior welcomes more buyers. Moreover, even if the house isn’t built recently, you can cover its age by refreshing the paint on its outer walls.

While you’re at it, give the front door a fresh coat of paint or varnish too. A waterproof coat is just the touch your house needs to look more modern. A beautiful door will give a nice first impression to onlookers and visitors.

Get rid of clutter

The median price of a Pittsburgh home lies at a modest $217,000, over $150,000 the national average. But you can counter that by removing all clutter and getting rid of personalized items.

Would-be buyers need to envision themselves living in this house, so the presence of personalized objects would defeat the purpose of showcasing your property. Removing personal belongings will also make your house a more spacious place to live or accelerate its sale by enhancing curb appeal.

If you have too much stuff you can’t get rid of, rent You should rent a storage unit in Pittsburgh. 

Add some greenery

Another method of bolstering your property’s market value involves indoor plants. Nobody dislikes a little greenery in and around the house. Keep some indoor plants near windows for a nice view from the outside.

With enough sunlight pouring in from the windows, a touch of green will increase your house’s appeal to more buyers. Grow some multi-colored flowers to enhance the aesthetics of your humble abode. Some ideal plants are:

  • Aloe Vera
  • Devil’s Ivy
  • Snake Plant
  • Spider Plant
  • Chinese Evergreen


Whether you’re a homeowner looking to boost your house’s curb appeal or a real estate investor aiming to attract more customers, the key is to create a welcoming environment. You need to transform your Pittsburgh property into a desirable place by following the suggestions mentioned in this blog.

Give the house a fresh coat of paint, upgrade your kitchen, and replace your cracked windows. These tips will help enhance your property’s appeal and value in Pittsburgh’s real estate market.

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