Northwest Registered Agent LLC Review - The Good & The Ugly

Northwest Registered Agent LLC Review – The Good & The Ugly


northwest registered agent llc review



If you are looking for the best LLC formation service to help you start your business, you may want to consider the Northwest Registered Agent to help you form an LLC and examine the platform’s features.

Northwest Registered Agent is one of the limited liability company is one of those that gives you one of the best prices to form your limited liability company and also offers special discounts. 

This Northwest registered agent LLC review is aimed to give details of Northwest’s LLC formation services and compare how it works to others. 

What is Northwest Registered Agent LLC?

Northwest Registered Agent is the 2nd largest registered agent offering LLC formation service and registered service in every state. 

They are a well-established business that has been in operation for over 20 years.

Northwest Registered Agent is a family-owned and operated business formation service recognised for its undefeatable customer service. 

Its transparent pricing and straightforward formation packages will have your business up and running quickly. 

It is a top competitor in the business formation space, which is excellent for entrepreneurs looking for a cost-effective and credible provider to help them form and maintain their growing business.

Northwest Registered Agent provides some of the most comprehensive registered agent services. 

Northwest offers set pricing for business formation services and focuses only on providing everything you need and nothing you don’t. 

Types of services

Northwest Registered Agent offers some core services and additional services to their customers. Some of their services include: 

Business name confirmation

Northwest Registered Agent will search all business records in your state to ensure that your selected LLC name is not already in use.

Operation agreement

They prepare operation agreement documents for your LLC structure and outline how your LLC will be operated. This is not, but it is recommended for new businesses. 

Northwest Registered Agent will give you a customisable Operating Agreement which you can immediately put to use.

Preparing and submitting your articles of organisation

Northwest Registered Agent will prepare and file all essential documents for your Limited Liability Company, reducing conflict and potential mistakes.

Expedited filing

Northwest offered expedited filing so you can get your LLC up and running promptly.

Optional Add-Ons

Northwest Registered Agent can help you secure an EIN for $50, which is essential for businesses that want to be able to hire employees, file company taxes, and purchase wholesale supplies. 

Second telephone line

Northwest Registered Agent provides additional telephone lines at $9 each that can be forwarded to your primary line.

Annual compliance filing

You can entrust the annual renewal paperwork to Northwest Registered Agent for $100 per year, non-inclusive of state fees.

Annual report reminders

Northwest Registered Agent sends you reminders via email before your annual reports are due.

Certificate of Good Standing

This document is typically required if you need to receive foreign qualifications for your LLC to do business in another state.

Credit card consultation

Northwest Registered Agent will help you obtain a credit card for your business with better terms with their specially negotiated agreements.

Additional services offered by the Northwest registered agent LLC are:

  • Lifetime customer support
  • Online document dashboard
  • Virtual office service
  • S-Corp Election
  • Mail forwarding service
  • Foreign qualification
  • Legal forms
  • Legal services (in Utah)
  • Incorporation services

Price and Package

Northwest Registered Agent has provided a special LLC formation offer which costs $39 + state fees: instead of the standard $225 + state fees.

Northwest Registered Agent offers two pricing options for Limited Liability Company formation or incorporation. It provides one-time upfront payment with customisable optional add-ons and a fixed package paid for in twelve monthly installments.

Both packages provide you with the necessities needed to start your new LLC.

Northwest Registered Agent charges $125 a year for registered agent service. Renewals are the same price annually. 

The Registered Agents Inc service price for individual businesses is $200 a year, and renewals are also the same price.

Upfront Payment Package

Northwest pricing offers one-time upfront and monthly (VIP) payment options. These two pricing options are designed to allow you to choose the services that suit you. 

One time package

One-time upfront payment includes LLC filing for $100 and a full year of Northwest’s Registered Agent service for $125. 

Legal documents like the operating agreement are available for free on this package.

Monthly (VIP) Package

The VIP monthly package provides the same service with the added feature of getting a Tax Id (EIN) from the IRS. 

This package cost varies between $29/month and $73/month


Here are some of the advantages of the Northwest Registered Agent LLC review. 

Incredible Customer Support

Northwest Registered Agent maintains premium customer support with a team of 100% in-house professionally equipped Corporate Guides. 

Northwest extends customer support through phone and email and promises a reply within 24 hours.

Full Year Registered Services 

They’re just a few LLC agent services that incorporate a full year of registered agent service upon formation.

Transparent Pricing

Northwest offers transparent pricing as there are no pricing tiers with little differences or low-value bundles that include unnecessary add-ons for an excessive fee. 

Their pricing options are clear-cut, so you don’t have to worry about being charged extra fees or a payment arising out of the blue. 

Easy to Use

Northwest Registered Agent helps form and maintain your business through a straightforward ordering process. 

Their add-ons are well-explained and laid out with easy-to-follow payment methods.  Once you’ve completed your order, you’ll also have access to Northwest’s secure online platform to keep track of your application’s progress and manage communication with your registered agent moving forwards.

Premium Privacy and Data Protection

Northwest Registered Agent offers “Privacy by Default” by reducing the disclosure of your personal information. 

They do their possible best to protect the privacy of you and your business’s data and also promise never to sell your data. 

Affordable Registered Agent Services

Northwest’s registered agent services are some of the most competitive markets. They go over and above the usual registered agent services by including services like pre-filled state forms, annual report reminders, same-day local scans, scanned and securely stored documents, and limited free mail forwarding. 

Tons of Free Resources

Northwest Registered Agent has some free resources to help you on your way with detailed explanations of the step-by-step process for business formation or incorporation on their website. 

Transparent Turnaround Time

Northwest doesn’t guarantee or stipulate turnaround time within their formation packages, but during the ordering process, it tells you how long you can expect the filing to take. 


Higher Price

Northwest Registered Agent costs a minimum of $225 which is not the cheapest business formation provider out there. 

Absences of Brand Power

Although Northwest is an industry leader but not well known as providers such as LegalZoom and ZenBusiness, it lacks brand power and name recognition. 

Limited Features 

Northwest doesn’t provide as many features as other LLC services that charge the exact pricing.

Online Reviews

Northwest Registered Agent has fewer 3rd-party customer reviews online, which have raised concerns when considering Northwest’s services.

Northwest Registered Agent LLC – Company Overview

Northwest Registered Agent LLC was established in 1998 from Spokane in Washington and is headquartered in Spokane, Washington, but has offices in all 50 states.

They have assisted in forming around two million businesses with an ever-expanding portfolio. 

They aim to be entirely transparent for all of their customers by simplifying the process of business formation and other registered agent services. 

Northwest Registered Agent is one of the privileged companies in the industry, even though it may not be one of the biggest. They offer a thorough and complete LLC service and are one of our top-rated LLC formation services!

Since its inception in 1998, Northwest Registered Agent has carved out a name for itself as a no-nonsense company that provides online LLC formations and registered agent services nationwide.

Trustpilot Score and Ratings

Northwest Registered Agent has 9 Reviews with an average TrustScore of 3.5 out of 5

It is scored 44% Excellent, 11% Great, 0% Average, 0% Poor, and 45% Bad. 

Northwest Registered Agent LLC vs Registered Agents Inc.

Northwest Registered Agent LLC is a registered agent with main selling points such as instant service, locally-scanned documents, offices in every state, personalized customer service representatives called, corporate Guides, free legal forms, and a wide selection of services offered by the front-end signup.


Northwest is the highest-rated registered agent service as another registered agent service has nowhere close to as many legitimate-looking positive reviews. 

Northwest Registered Agent is a strong competitor to Registered Agent Inc. Still, when it comes to trust, premium service, and support, they are both dedicated to providing the highest quality service and their commitment to supporting our most valuable clients. 


The Northwest Registered Agent website offers free guides for dozens of business topics, including general issues such as changing registered agents and niche topics like how to start a series LLC. 

Twenty guides support every state for state-specific topics like business formation, reports, and taxes. There are also a variety of legal forms that the user can print out.

It presents many resources for users enthusiastic about reading and learning how to set up their businesses themselves. 

Registered Agents Inc is known as The Standard in registered agent services as it takes a more hands-on approach. Its focus is on providing companies with premium, tailored business solutions with free legal forms on the back end in your client portal.

Customer Service

Northwest Registered Agent pitches their Corporate Guides® on their homepage and across their site. These guides are the company’s customer service staff, described as knowledgeable business experts, available by calling the Northwest phone number during regular business hours. 

The Registered Agents Inc Registered also provide live, lifetime customer support for their clients without phone trees.


Northwest Registered Agent offers an online formation service for LLCs, corporations and nonprofits. You can find everything from virtual office service to various corporate swag, such as stamps and seals.

The Registered Agents Inc offers premium registered agent service. No corporate filing an order on their website. They process all filing orders the same day they are placed.

Our Take and Conclusion

Northwest Registered Agent LLC is known for some of the best customer support and service they offer. It has a dedicated customer service line with live agents to answer your questions. 

Northwest Registered Agent LLC review has a good reputation among small business owners, especially those starting their first Limited Liability Company. 

Compared to top providers in the industry, Northwest Registered Agent services aren’t the cheapest, but the renewal rates for registered agent services between Northwest ($125) and these other services are relatively close.

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