3 Factors affecting SEO Ranking on Google

3 Factors affecting SEO Ranking on Google


Search engine optimization is essential for every business that goes online. The requirements keep changing and developing with new versions and updates. It can get challenging to always be in the know-how, but if you want your business to rank well, you must know the primary factors that genuinely affect the ranking. 

Therefore, we bring this quick guide that mentions the significant factors that directly impact SEO ranking for websites when someone searches them on any browser. It is valuable information for both the business and users. 

factors affecting seo ranking on google

So, let’s cut to the chase and read on to learn more information. 

What data do you need before mending the website for better ranking?

Any business needs to know the current status of its website on Google ranking to work on the things that are keeping them down. So, the first step is to search for a keyword related to your product and service to see where your website ranks. 

Ensure you clear the browsing history before searching because it highly impacts the results. For instance, removing the browsing history from all servers for better search results is suggested if you are a Mac user.  

It is fairly easy to delete browsing history on mac as compared to other devices. After you search and have an idea of where the website ranks, you can narrow your competitors and see how the website differs from yours. It will help you create a strategy for mending your websites to rank better. 

What are the significant factors affecting SEO ranking? 

One thing that every website owner must understand is that SEO takes time. With proper SEO skills, it may take 6-9 months to get your site to rank above in Google search results. You should work on the following:

Domain Age and URL

According to data from a recent Ahref study, more than 50% of the top 10 google sites were three years old or more. So, the older your website, the better it is for you. 

Next, your URL works wonders for you. You do not need to worry about finding the exact matching domain if you have a well-established website. Instead, Look for an URL that reflects your products and services as it is.

Page Loading Speed 

Your website has to load faster on both mobile and desktop. It comes under the Google search engine algorithm released in 2018. Google wants to improve the user experience and save time, thus looking for sites that load faster. 

For this, you can check the website on Google’s mobile testing tool and check if it is mobile-friendly and has a sufficient loading speed

Technical SEO 

Nothing can beat technical SEO for ranking well. You have to ensure that your content has good keywords in your content, especially in page titles, for Google to view them first. Likewise, you should use headers to show hierarchy and segregate the content. 

In addition, you should create meta descriptions and titles that should be catchy, short, and engaging. Similarly, several SEO tech hacks are necessary if your website ranks better on Google. 

Bottom Line 

Your website’s content, layout, page speed, authority, etc., determine the ranking. You should connect with an SEO expert and make the changes to let your page go up on the search results for users. 

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