10 Best Businesses to Start on Empty Land in India

10 Best Businesses to Start on Empty Land in India


Real estate is the most profitable business to start on empty land in India. But with so much competition, you need to have a good property in order to succeed. One such opportunity is vacant land which can be used for various purposes like commercial office space, residential properties, or even a parking lot.

We have dim it fit to discuss some best businesses to start on empty Land in India in this post. If you are looking for a business that can generate good returns and at the same time is easy to manage, you should consider investing in vacant land.

Best Businesses to Start on Empty Land in India

1. Residential Condominium

Investing in land and building a residential property is going to fetch you good returns. Since the demand for residential apartments is high in India, there are a number of people seeking property. With the right build and design, the apartment will be able to fetch you good rental income. Residential real estate has always been profitable and will continue to top the list of the top businesses to start on empty land in India.

2. Commercial Condominium

Commercial property can also be built on vacant land and will fetch you good returns. This is because commercial space is always in high demand and there are not many options for people looking for offices. With good design, the building can be priced at a great value and you can make good money from it.

3. Retail Store

One way of getting a shopping mall is to invest in empty land which can then be used to construct retail stores or any type of shop that you have in mind. There are a number of customers looking for retail stores and with the right kind of promotion; you will be able to set up a successful business to start on empty land in India.

4. Parking Lot

People always need parking space and since there are not many options around, a parking lot can be profitable if you work out the right price. The location of the land that you have to consider before setting up a parking lot because it should be easily accessible by people. This will ensure that there are always people looking for your service.

5. Landscaping Design

A landscaping design can also be created on a vacant piece of land. The service will include setting up a small garden where you can grow flowers and plants. People who need an area to relax or spend time with their families will readily hire your service. Therefore, there is no doubt that the business will do well even if it is just starting out.

6. Restaurant

A restaurant can be effectively set up on vacant land and will provide you with good returns. There are a number of people who look for restaurants and if you choose the right location, you will be able to make the business lucrative. The choice new restaurant owners are making is that of opening up their own place where they can prepare different cuisines for their clients.

7. Home Repair Service

If you are an expert in carpentry or any other mechanical work, you can use your expertise to start your own business in home repair service. People always need a good repair service as they have to make repairs from time to time. What this means is that you will always have a profitable business even if the home repair service industry is not very organized.

8. Tailoring Shop

A tailoring shop can be set up on the vacant land and you can use this opportunity to work out the right pricing strategy that will help you reap profits. The customers who come to your shop will be directly known as they need your services. There are a number of people who will prefer to visit your establishment as opposed to going for a shopping mall which is confusing and hectic.

9. Rental Business

Setting up a rental business on vacant land can also be profitable because there are not many options out there for people who are looking to rent out their property. If you are able to set up a good rental business, there is no doubt that the profits will be good. This is because the demand for rental space is always high and people who have a good piece of land may just want to rent it out to make some returns.

10. Dry Cleaning Service

Dry cleaning is one of the most profitable businesses in India and therefore, there is a need for more dry cleaning service providers. If you are interested in starting your own business, you can use your vacant piece of land and set up a dry cleaning facility on it. Your customers will be limited to those who need your services and therefore, you will always have some business coming in.


Lately, more people are eager to know the business to start on empty land in India and the reason is that they know that investing in the real estate industry is always a profitable business. With these ideas, you can start yours and manage independently to create a new cash flow.

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