Mycompanyworks Review (2024) - The Pros and Cons

Mycompanyworks Review (2024) – The Pros and Cons


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Mycompanyworks provides online incorporation services and other legal services for businesses. 

Their services include Limited Liability Company (LLC) formation and relevant small business startup services nationwide. 

MyCompanyWorks has carved out a considerable market supply for LLCs in the industry.

It has provided services to more than 60,000 businesses since its formation. 

If you still are looking for a company that offers professional services to help you incorporate online and handle the paperwork. 

This Mycompanyworks review reveals the type of services they handle, their affordable prices and packages, and every other thing you should know about them before deciding to seek their services or not. 

Let’s get started by having a quick overview of mycompanyworks review below. 

MyCompanyWorks Review – Company Overview

MyCompanyWorks is an expert Limited Liability Company formation service provider. 

The company, established in 2001, is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, with a supporting office in Cheyenne, Wyoming. 

They offer dozens of services that will form your LLC online. As a result, they have carved out a significant market name in the industry.

MyCompanyWorks maintains an average score with their online customer reviews as most entrepreneurs are pleased with their decision to use their LLC formation service.

Their LLC service is best for entrepreneurs looking for help forming and getting a business off the ground without paying a premium. 

Their customers commonly praise the accessibility of their support reps and how valuable their formation packages are.

Like any company, they have its pros and cons, and that’s why this MyCompanyWorks review outlines all you need to know before you decide to use their LLC formation services.

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Pros of MyCompanyWorks

Here are some of the mycompanyworks reviews that make businesses love their services. 

Great Customer Support Service

During business hours, MyCompanyWorks attends to phone calls and emails in 20 minutes or less. 

The representatives are responsive and helpful. Phone call support is available from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. PST Monday to Friday, while email support is from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Packaged Services

Their packages include a personalised LLC operating agreement and organisational minutes. And also a compliance alert system that keeps you up to date on essential filing deadlines. 

Excellent Record

MyCompanyWorks has established a track record with over 60,000 businesses formed since its inception. 

Excellent Feedback

They get excellent feedback from their online customers, with virtually perfect average rating scores of more than 4,000 online reviews.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

MyCompanyWorks maintains a 100% satisfaction guarantee no matter the package you choose. The company agrees to deal with any concerns you raise or give you a refund. 

Company Notifications and Alerts

They offer lifetime company alerts and notifications to guarantee you never miss an important deadline.

Cons of MyCompanyWorks

Limited Services

Mycompanuworks only include registered agent service in their two upper-tier LLC packages, whereas other competitors bundle in a full year of registered agent service with any LLC formation service.

High Prices

Their price packages are high. However, there are more affordable LLC services available that charge $20+ less for a similar offering.

Types of Services

Here is information on some of the services you get when you use mycompanyworks.

MyCompanyWorks gives you endless name availability searches to allow you to pick a unique name for your business and avoid already used ones. 

If your desired business name is unavailable, they help you m make minor changes using hyphens or abbreviations. 

This idea is to help you find a unique name exemplifying the business image you want to create.

Interactive Startup Wizard

With the interactive startup wizard, business formation processes on MyCompanyWorks are straightforward. 

The platform takes steps at a time to allow you to complete the filing process in minutes. Also, you will have access to the dashboard, which has an equally mechanical design that makes it a cakewalk to check the status of your order.

Articles of Organization

MyCompanyWorks will help prepare the legal paperwork needed when forming an LLC or corporation. This is so because most first-time business owners have no idea which formation documents they need.

The documents are audited to ensure there are no compliance or spelling mistakes. MyCompanyWorks will submit your business formation paperwork to your state government within 90 days of your purchase. 

Registered Agent Service

MyCompanyWorks provides registered agent service for corporations and LLCs. The service is free if you pay for the complete package, but you’ll part with $99 if you subscribe to the lower-tier packages. 

Business Operating Agreement

An Operating Agreement is one crucial document you must have when forming an LLC that provides a customised business operating agreement. 

This agreement outlines the company ownership structure and the duties of each member. It also specifies the financial and working relationship between the members. MyCompanyWorks provides this to ensure your specific desires and preferences are met.

Custom Bylaws

MyCompanyWorks provides Custom corporate bylaws templates to set up the rules governing your corporation’s internal management. 

Sections that allow you to summarise company policies and the responsibilities of directors, officers, and shareholders are also available. 

Federal Tax ID Number (EIN)

MyCompanyWorks will help you obtain the Employer Identification Number from the IRS at no extra charge. However, if you opt for the basic plan, you have to pay a $49 fee.


They help you prepare over 200 sample forms of professional documents to help you maintain the operational compliance of your business.

Business License Compliance Package

The Business License Compliance Package third-party feature will cost you $99, irrespective of your package. 

Entrepreneurs who are skeptical about the licensing requirements of their newly formed companies will find this service helpful as it saves you hours of research.

Business Tax Consultation

The business tax consultation service gives you access to a free one-hour tax webinar. 

The session will be packed with information about the IRS forms you should file depending on your business system and how you will be taxed. 

You will also learn how to handle payrolls and remain compliant with IRS regulations.

Domain Name and Hosting

MyCompanyWorks is in partnership with InMotion. InMotion will give you a new WordPress website with a custom domain for a whole year without charging a cent.

The site is professionally designed and mobile-optimized to get your company and strengthen its online presence. 

Price and Package

MyCompanyWorks offers three different levels of LLC service packages which are:

  • Basic package
  • Entrepreneur package 
  • Complete package

Even though their prices are higher, it is more affordable than hiring an in-house attorney. 

Let’s have a review of the details of each package

Get an instant price quote to form your LLC and order online at MyCompanyWorks

Basic Package

The basic package costs $59 in addition to the State Fee.

In the basic package, you have access to the following services: 

Preparation and Filing of Articles of Organization

Your state requires these documents of formation to form your LLC officially. 

MyCompanyWorks will outline these forms and submit them to your state to create your company.

They will help you search the business database operated by your state of formation to determine if your desired business name is available or if another business already takes it.

LLC Operating Agreement

The LLC operating agreement document lays out the ownership structure of your LLC.

It also provides information about how the company will be operated. 

Organizational Minutes

They will customise minute forms to make it easier to organise and handle your meetings. 

Unlimited Phone & Email Support

MyCompanyWorks provides this to all customers no matter the service package you purchase. 

Company Alerts

A handy tool to keep track of your compliance deadlines and filing requirements will be set up for you. 

Entrepreneur Package

This package costs $199 plus the State Fee.

It costs as much as $227 in some states before state fees.

In the package, you will have access to everything in the basic plan plus: 

One Year Registered Agent Service

This is an individual or a business entity that concedes to obtain important document deliveries from the state on your behalf. 

This is a vital part of any LLC because the state has no proper way to contact your business without a registered agent.

Federal Tax ID Number (EIN)

This serves virtually as a Social Security Number for your business as it allows you to hire employees, open business bank accounts, pay business taxes, etc. 

MyCompanyForms Business Forms

You will get more sample documents with an archive of over 200 generally used business forms that you can customise.

Complete Package

The complete package costs $279 plus the State Fee.

This package costs as little as $259 or as much as $307 before state fees in some states. 

In this package, you will find everything in the basic and entrepreneur packages plus:

MyCompanyWorks Premium

Mycompanyworks premium service includes annual report service with due date tracking and initial report service. As well as business entity monitoring and compliance alerts and more. This service is sold as a standalone service for $99 per annum with MyCompanyWorks. 

MyCompanyWorks Review – Trustpilot Score and Ratings

MyCompanyWorks has only one average review of 3.5 out of 5 on Trustpilot Average. 

It has 100% Excellent and no review about poor or average or bad services offered. 


Mycompanyworks LLC service is best for entrepreneurs looking for help to form and get their business off the ground without paying a premium for it.

Their services are top-notch, and some of their selling points include excellent customer service and affordable professional services embedded in affordable packages. 

Mycompanyworks is one of the best companies to get your job without worries. 

We hope you find this article helpful. 

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