4 Ways Merchandising can become Marketing in Business

4 Ways Merchandising can become Marketing in Business


Modern businesses need to use merchandising as marketing. It is not enough to simply have some signage outside your store or some simple ads on web pages.

Branded merchandise helps to spread awareness of your business and its services, acting as marketing and not just apparel.

ways merchandising can become marketing in business

Here are just a few Ways Merchandising can become Marketing in Businesss for big and small businesses, and how it can help to build up your customer base and boost your sales numbers.

Merchandise is Promotional

Whether you know it or not, branded merchandise helps to promote your business. Getting your name out there is one of the biggest challenges facing any business, and advertising can be expensive.

merchandise is promotional

Merchandising can be an extremely cost-effective way to advertise your company without having to bear the cost of online ad campaigns or airtime on local radio and television. It can act as a staff uniform in your brick-and-mortar store.

Bolt Printing offers a huge range of branded merchandise, including custom-embroidered hats. You can also find Richardson 112 trucker hats, T-shirts, sweatshirts, and tote bags.

Their fast service gets your merchandise in your hands quickly, and their team will work with you to make an eye-catching and effective design. All of this branded apparel can be used for promotional.

Using them as free gifts for regular customers, or as a bonus item on a big order, can help you to boost your sales from your existing customer base.

Merchandising Adds Visibility and Brand Recognition

Marketing moves in mysterious ways. As a consumer yourself, you probably feel very aware when you are being marketed to, and a company is trying to gain your custom.

merchandising adds visibility and brand recognition

The truth is most marketing operates on a subconscious level. Just by having your brand out there, visible to potential customers, you are marketing to people even though they do not realize it.

Getting your brand and business in the minds of consumers is the first step in converting a potential customer into a regular customer.

It is like baiting a hook to catch a fish. Your business sits in the subconscious of consumers like a worm on a fishing hook.

When a problem arises for a consumer and your brand is a solution, that is when you strike and reel in a big fish.

Having a presence in the minds of potential customers plants a seed that will grow into sales. Make your brand visible through merchandising to sow seeds for you to reap in the future.

Free Gifts Influence Customers

Have you ever felt like you got something for nothing? It is a good feeling. By including free gifts for larger purchases, you can convert an inquiry into a sale. It incentivizes purchases for consumers.

free gifts influence customers

There is also a ‘guilt-like’ effect. If someone has got something for free, they may feel like they owe you a sale as a thank you.

Big-name brands like Amazon use this technique. Including free shipping on purchases often leads their customers to spend more, or make their purchases with them even if the product is available for less elsewhere.

You can use your merchandising to incentivize sales and increase the level of freebies to match the level of purchases.

You will find that customers love free goods added to their purchases, which could help them return to your business in the future.

You can bulk buy branded embroidered products so that you are engaging in marketing as well as giving your customers an extra treat.

Merchandising Can Reward Loyalty

Not only can effective merchandising help you grow your customer base and engage with new clients, but it can also be used to reward loyal customers and make them feel like part of the business.

merchandising can reward loyalty

Free gifts like T-shirts and hats can be a great way to reward your regular customers. If they keep coming back for more they must be a fan of your business, and just like sports fans, business fans want some apparel to wear to show they are on board and a part of the action.

You can include free gifts with sales, without having to reach a set purchase amount, for your regular customers as a reward.

This often makes them evangelical about your business, spreading the word about your company and how well they treat their customer base. This turns a piece of promotional merchandise into a customer testimonial; the best advertising in business.

Reward your regular customers, who will reward you with positive reviews on the street and online, helping to bring in new business without spending a dime on airtime or ads.

With high-quality branded merchandise your business can market itself without having to invest in media campaigns or online ads.

This simple technique is used by multinational companies, small mom-and-pop stores, and every size of business in between. Don’t miss out, and get your business some merchandising today.

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