10 Best Small Business Ideas in Ethiopia

10 Best Small Business Ideas in Ethiopia


Are you looking for promising business ideas to start in Ethiopia? If YES, here are best business ideas in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia’s Economy is growing faster which led to an increase in business opportunities for both entrepreneurs and innovators to excel in the country.

The growing economy of Ethiopia has unleashed opportunities in various sectors of the country. These sectors include Agriculture, education, finance, health, tech IT service, etc.

With the African Continental Free Trade Area (ACFTA) in existence and Government is interested in helping small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) also encourage new business ideas in Ethiopia.

Best Small Business Ideas in Ethiopia 

Agricultural Business

Agricultural business is the most lucrative business idea in Ethiopia because of the agrarian nature of Ethiopia. Agricultural business in Ethiopia accounted for over 80% of the employment for the people.

Ethiopia has fertile lands, and diverse climates and is known as one of the countries that depend on Agriculture. with a steady increase in Ethiopia’s population creating a substantial domestic market for Agricultural products.

Agriculture business involves crop farming, livestock farming, agro-processing, export-oriented Agriculture, Agribusiness service, supply chain and distribution, farm inputs and technology, etc.

You can specialize in any aspect of agribusiness in Ethiopia and make your own money.

Manufacturing Business

Manufacturing is one of the most viable businesses to venture into in Ethiopia because of the excellent opportunities Ethiopia exposes an individual to. There is availability of raw materials such as textiles, leather, and agricultural products which will be used for manufacturing processes.

With the African Continental Free Trade Area (ACFTA) in existence, Ethiopia is one of the African countries that have access to it. This will expose manufacturers in Ethiopia to a large market across Africa. The Ethiopian Government has an interest in helping small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Ethiopia.

Online and Physical Retail

Online and physical retail is one of the most profitable business ideas to venture into Ethiopia because of its growing economy and increase in demand for consumer products. People make shopping for consumers both online and in physical locations.

What you need to do is to create an e-commerce website, online marketplaces, and physical location for your retailer service and start making cool money. Combining both online and physical retail can grant you a broad customer base and a good relationship with your customer both online and physical will determine the success of your business. 

Education and Tutoring Service

Education and tutoring services are the most valuable and ethical business ideas in Ethiopia. Education is a place with high value in Ethiopia and this will make any individual that ventures into this niche excel in the short term. There is high demand for education and tutoring services because students want to excel academically which leads to high demand for this service. Identify the subjects you are good at and focus on areas where there is demand.

Language and Skill Training Service

Providing language and skill training services in Ethiopia is profitable due to development and global increase in the economy. The country involves people from different countries, people who want to have proficiency in many languages either to acquire more knowledge or for working purposes. Therefore you start making your cool money if you have a language learning center and vocational training center in Ethiopia.

Childcare and Early Education Business

Childcare and Early education is a viable business idea in Ethiopia because of the high increase in insecurity in Ethiopia and the busy lifestyle of most parents which make childcare and early education services more profitable.

This service covers infants, toddlers, and preschool-age children. Parents are looking for trustworthy and qualified childcare and early education facilitators because their impact will affect the development and future educational success of the children.

Cleaning and Laundry Service

Due to the busy lifestyles of most individuals in Ethiopia cleaning and laundry service is a lucrative business in Ethiopia. There is high demand for this service regarding the services you offer such as house cleaning, office cleaning, laundry, and dry cleaning.

Solar Energy Installation Business

Solar energy installation business is a good business to venture into in Ethiopia due to its focus on renewable energy and abundant sunlight in the country raising the demand for usage of solar energy. SolarEnergy provides solutions to different regions of Ethiopia such as solar panels, inverters, and energy storage solutions for individuals’ needs.

Tech and IT Service

Tech and IT service is a profitable business venture due to the country’s increase in digital transformation and technological advancements. There is high demand for tech and IT services to operate effectively and efficiently. There will be a need for tech and IT services in Educational technology, financial technology, health technology, Agriculture technology, cybersecurity, and data analytics. If you have tech and IT service skills, you will start making cool money in Ethiopia with a tickle of eyes.

Transportation and Logistics

Transportation and logistics is a viable business idea in Ethiopia due to economic development. There is a constant increase in trade activities and infrastructural development because of its diverse country that comprises different people from different countries. There is a high demand for transportation and logistics personnel for the movement of individuals to different locations, goods, and materials.


Ethiopia’s economy has offered business opportunities for entrepreneurs and innovators to grow in various sectors. This article unveils the 10 best small business ideas that offer a diverse range of prospects for those who want to start a business in Ethiopia.

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