70 Best Business Ideas for Empty Buildings to Start in 2024

70 Best Business Ideas for Empty Buildings to Start in 2024


If you are interested in starting your own business with an empty building but lack business ideas. Then this guide is for you. There are plenty of business ideas for empty buildings or any building that is currently vacant.

List of business ideas for empty buildings

1. A coffee shop

Starting a coffee shop is easy and can be done on a small budget. You will have to have the space for it, but you won’t need that much of an overhead for it.

The main things that you will need are seating and a good location. By opening a coffee shop in an empty building, you can turn that vacant space into a thriving business establishment.

2. A printing press

A printing press can also be established to make profits for you in an empty building so you are ready to print leaflets and flyers for your business.

You will have to buy all of the printing equipment needed, including printers, paper, ink, and other printing materials.

3. A gym

A gym can be started at a low cost. You will need to buy all the equipment for your gym, including treadmills, exercise machines, free weights, and training clothes to build up your membership. If you start up your own gym, you can either have memberships or charge people who use the equipment by weight.

4. A storage unit

Storage units can be started up for small businesses as well. It’s one of the profitable business ideas for empty buildings that can be started up easily. You will need the required space and materials in order to start it up, such as locks, shelving, shelving material, and so on.

5. A magazine or newspaper

You can start a magazine or newspaper in an empty building as well. You can create your own magazine or newspaper from scratch, or you can choose one from a company and make it your own.

The main thing that you will need is to find a good location for it, and the resources required, including printing equipment and a small team of editors to assist in writing.

6. A water supply service

You can start a water supply service in an empty building. This will entail buying all of the supplies required to provide water to homes and establishments, such as pipes and other necessary equipment.

This is another essential business idea for empty buildings, especially in developing areas with new buildings, so having a water supply service will bring you a good profit.

7. A kindergarten or school

You can open up a kindergarten or school in an empty building. The teaching equipment must be bought from the institution from which you are opening the kindergarten or school, as well as supplies such as paper and printers for printing handouts.

8. Inflatable fun park

You can start an inflatable fun park in an empty building. You will have to buy all the inflatable slides, obstacle courses, and other equipment for the fun park, as well as the necessary materials for it, such as inflated tubes and other materials.

A fun park needs to be filled with people, so you will need a large parking area to accommodate visitors.

9. A medical clinic

You can start a medical clinic in an empty building. You will need to buy all of the supplies that are required for a medical clinic, such as examination tables, wheelchairs, wheelchairs, dressings and treatment materials for injuries and wounds, and so on.

10. Laundry Service

With the rate at which people get busy with their job and businesses, the demand for laundry services increases. All you need is a washing machine and two or more helping and to get started.

11. A marketing agency

A marketing agency can also be started in an empty building; however, you’ll need a bigger space for it. The equipment required will have to be bought, such as printers and computers.

12. An apiary

An apiary can be started up in an empty building. You will have to buy the beehives and beekeeping equipment to maintain the apiary. It’s a good idea to start an apiary if you see a lot of bees in the area. This can also be started in your backyard, but you will have to check for regulations on beekeeping in the area first.

13. A craft store

A craft store can be started in an empty building. You will need a good location for it, and the supplies required, including crafting materials, tools, and accessories.

14. A dog walker

A dog walking service can be started in an empty building as well. You will need to buy a vehicle, such as a bicycle or a tricycle, and the necessary equipment, such as pots and pans to use for preparing the food for the dogs.

15. A pet store

You can start a pet store business in an empty building as well. All of the necessary supplies and materials need to be purchased, including dog food, cat food, leashes, collars, bowls, and so on.

A pet shop needs a good location for it to be successful. Keep in mind that you will have to buy the animals from the pet store, so you will need to do some research on where the best pets are being sold in your area.

16. A workout center

You can also start a workout center in an empty building. You will have to buy all the equipment and tools required for exercising, such as treadmills, exercise machines, punching bags, and other tools used for body training or muscle development.

17. A school

You can start a school in an empty building to teach young children. You will have to buy the required equipment and supplies for the school, including chairs, tables, and blackboards.

18. A florist

A florist can be started in an empty building. You will need to buy all of the flowers, pots, and other accessories needed to grow flowers. In this business, you’ll need to keep up with trends, such as seasonal flowers and plants.

19. An agency

An agency can also be started in an empty building. You will need to buy all the equipment required for the space, including desks, chairs and computers for the office workers.

20. A recycling center

A recycling center can be started in an empty building. You will have to buy all of the necessary equipment, including aluminum cans, crushers, paper shredders, and other necessary tools.

21. A shelter for animals

You can start a shelter for stray animals in an empty building. You will have to buy all of the supplies required, including kennels, mats, and other items. You can also check out shelters near you and adopt the animals from them to start your own business.

22. Event space rental

An event space can be created in an empty building. This is a good source of income for events, especially if you have already opened up a restaurant in the area.

You will need to buy the equipment and supplies required by your customers, such as chairs and tables, sound systems, and stage equipment.

23. A salon

Another business that can be started in an empty building is a salon. You will need to buy all of the necessary equipment such as chairs, mirrors, and other materials used by stylists for styling hair. You will also need a license from the city if you are opening this business.

24. An IT company

An IT company can also be started in an empty building. The computers and other equipment required will have to be bought for this, such as printers and scanners.

25. A library

Libraries can be started in an empty building as well. All of the books required will have to be bought, including reading materials and audiobooks. You can purchase books online or by visiting a local library near you.

An art gallery can also be started in an empty building; however, you’ll need a bigger space for it. The art objects that you’ll be selling will have to be bought, including paintings, sculptures, and other such works of art.

27. A factory

A factory can also be started in an empty building. You will have to buy all the equipment and tools required for the business, such as welding tools, machines, and presses.

28. A medical dispensary

A medical dispensary can also be started in an empty building so you sell medicines and other health products in people’s homes. You will have to buy all of the necessary equipment for carrying out these activities, including shelves, cabinets, pill counters, and so on.

29. Convert to Office

You can start a hair salon in an empty building. This is one of the easiest types of business ideas for empty buildings to start up, and it will bring big profits to you in the end. You can choose from different styles and sizes, but it’s best if you remain flexible with your company policy.

30. Start a Museum

You can also start a photo studio in an empty building. You will have to buy all of the necessary equipment for taking photographs, including cameras, lighting equipment, and background materials or backdrops.

31. Drone racing business

Drone racing is growing in popularity as a competitive sport, using specialized drones to zip through obstacle courses at high speeds.

32. Indoor treehouse theme park

An indoor treehouse theme park can transport families into a magical forest setting with play areas, zip lines, and whimsical dining.

33. Start Incubation Center

An incubation center supports entrepreneurs by providing office space, mentoring, networking opportunities, and sometimes seed funding to help get startups off the ground.

34. Start an indoor aquarium

An indoor aquarium can showcase exotic fish and marine creatures while educating visitors about ocean conservation and providing an immersive undersea experience.

35. Start mini zoo

A mini zoo with a petting area allows children to safely interact with small animals like rabbits, pigs, goats, and ponies in an engaging setting.

36. Furniture Showroom

A furniture showroom allows customers to walk through staged rooms fully decorated with the latest furniture designs and home accessories.

37. Frozen foods cool room

Frozen food cool room provides storage and distribution for frozen meat, prepared meals, ice cream, and other perishable goods.

38. Pottery Studio

A pottery studio offers classes for all skill levels, kiln firing services, and space for advanced students to work on the wheel and create their pieces.

39. Convert to Theatre studio

Converting an empty building into a theatre studio provides a performance venue for local acting troupes and youth productions.

40. Clothing production company

A clothing production company can manufacture garments to sell wholesale to boutiques or custom-design apparel for individual clients.

41. Convert to a recording studio

A recording studio attracts local musicians to lay down tracks in a professional environment with high-end equipment and acoustic treatment.

42. Start a metal fabrication business

A metal fabrication business cuts, forms, welds, and assembles metal components for machinery, construction, auto restoration, and artistic projects.

43. Lease space for boat and Vehicles storage

Empty buildings can generate rental income by leasing out parking spots or storage units for boats, RVs, and other oversized vehicles when not in use.

44. Start Import and import Business

An import/export business facilitates trade by connecting domestic companies with overseas manufacturers and assisting with logistics.

45. Start Hydroponic Business

A hydroponic business grows plants without soil by supplying nutrient-rich water directly to the roots, ideal for leafy greens and herbs.

46. Start recycling business

A recycling business collects, sorts, processes, and sells scrap metal, paper, plastic, electronics, and other waste materials to give them a second life.

47. Lease as warehouse

Warehouse space can be leased out for companies to store excess inventory, stage regional product distribution, or fulfill direct-to-consumer orders.

48. Home Appliance Showroom

A home appliance showroom lets customers compare features and prices for refrigerators, washing machines, kitchen ranges, and other big-ticket items across multiple brands.

49. Start a radio station

Launching a radio station allows DJs to showcase music genres and perspectives underrepresented in mainstream formats.

50. Start a TV station

A TV station produces original programming like local news and community interest segments not covered by national outlets.

51. Start a logistics Business

A logistics business coordinates the end-to-end flow of products, information, and finances between a company and its suppliers and customers.

52. Start a service center

A service center performs maintenance and repairs for electronics, appliances, vehicles, HVAC systems, and other equipment.

53. Convert to a supermarket

Converting to a supermarket entails installing shelving, checkout stands, and refrigeration to sell fresh produce and packaged goods in retail.

54. Start an eatery business

An eatery business could range from a cozy café to a bustling food court, providing chef-prepared meals in a pleasant dining atmosphere.

55. Telecomunication business

A telecommunications company sells phone, internet, and cable TV subscription plans while managing the infrastructure to deliver those services.

56. YouTube Channel

A YouTube channel creates entertaining or helpful video content in a niche area to attract subscribers, views, and ad revenue.

57. Smartphone Repair Service

A smartphone repair service diagnoses issues with cracked screens, battery charging, system performance, water damage, etc., and makes quality fixes.

58. Meal Planning Service

A meal planning service designs weekly dinner menus, shops for ingredients, and pre-preps recipes to simplify home cooking.

59. Massage Therapy Service

Massage therapy relieves muscle tension, reduces stress, increases circulation, improves flexibility, and brings balance to the body.

60. Life Coaching Service

Life coaches empower clients to set goals and make positive changes related to relationships, fitness, career, or personal fulfillment.

61. Start a sewing and alteration business

A sewing and alteration business adjusts ready-made clothes for better fit, repairs damaged items and sews custom creations designed by clients.

62. Vintage Reseller

Vintage resellers procure and sell unique secondhand fashion pieces, accessories, decor, furniture, and other relics from previous eras.

63. Tech Rentals

A tech rental business lends computers, cameras, DJ equipment, gaming consoles, and other electronics for events and temporary needs.

64. Tool Rentals

A tool rental outfit stocks professional-grade equipment for construction, landscaping, auto repairs, and complex DIY projects.

65. Vacation Rentals

Vacation rental units provide fully furnished, short-term apartments, condos, cabins, and other accommodations for leisure travelers.

66. Travel Planning Service

Travel planning services customize adventurous vacations, honeymoons, and group tours based on clients’ interests, budgets, and logistical requirements.

67. Start a handmade product

A handmade product business sells artisanal items like scented candles, woven baskets, glasswork, pottery, quilts, jewelry, and skincare created onsite.

68. Beef Jerk Business

A beef jerky business marinates fresh cuts of meat in a secret flavor blend and dehydrates them for a protein-packed, portable snack.

69. Start a Barber School

A barber school trains aspiring professionals on techniques for cutting, fading, beard trimming, and maintaining all hair types.

70. Poultry Feed Mill

A poultry feed mill procures raw grains and produces nutrient-rich custom blends to promote egg production, meat quality, and overall bird health.

Wrap Up

It is never a good idea to leave an empty building idle. That is why we have curated the list of business ideas for empty buildings for your consumption. Please, choose according to your specialties and learn any required skills.

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