Best Ways to Enhance Your Property's Appeal in a Warmer Climate

Best Ways to Enhance Your Property’s Appeal in a Warmer Climate


Living in a warmer climate has its perks. There’s great weather more often, and the pull of outdoor activities can be more enticing. 

Of course, that’s only half the picture. Heatwaves, high humidity levels, draughts, and thunderstorms can come with the warmth too. When you’re selling property in these areas, it’s useful to prepare for these drawbacks in one way or another. 

Even if you don’t live in an especially warm area today, it’s still worth considering what things might be like in future. After all, more areas of the US are projected to experience dangerously high temperatures in the mid-century and beyond. 

So, how can you enhance your property’s appeal in a warmer climate? 

Landscape Effectively

As the weather changes, so too does the environment. A few changes should perhaps be made here. 

For instance, you may need to plant greenery that’s draught-tolerant and native to parts of the world that have warmer climates. Succulents, lavender,  yarrow, and cacti can be characterful additions to the garden. You could also consider using things like rain barrels to reuse rainfall water. During dry periods, you may be thankful you had it stored.  

Organic mulch can help suppress weed growth in the garden, but it can also help retain moisture as well. Drip irrigation and soaker hoses can also be useful. You should also maintain the soil with compost, as that can maintain or even enhance its water-holding potential. Ultimately, if your garden is optimized for warmer weather conditions, it will appear more healthy, tidy, and on-theme with the rest of the area, thereby boosting its appeal. 

Create a Great Swimming Area

Many people love to spend a hot day cooling off in the pool. It’s a classic summertime activity. 

However, you can do more with the pool, including:

  • Shading the pool area so users don’t get burnt or otherwise overwhelmed by the sun. 
  • Building a pool house for storage, cleanliness, and changing. 
  • Utilizing pool covers when the pool isn’t in use to prevent the water from getting warm. 
  • Installing water systems to regulate water temperature. 

Consider using a pool-cleaning service to ensure the pool is safe and hygienic to use. These professionals will also ensure the pool doesn’t become an eye sore either, removing dirt and debris. They’ll also ensure the pool chemistry is balanced and will work with you to ensure the cleaning schedule best fits your preferences and lifestyle.  

Promote Energy Efficiency 

Energy efficiency is one of the main concerns for people looking for a new home in a warmer climate. To solely depend on air conditioning 24 hours a day can be costly! 

Consequently, we recommend going about things with more preparedness. For example, though not every household has air conditioning when they probably should, those lucky enough to own these machines may not be utilizing them well. Sealing air leaks in the property will ensure the cool air they generate doesn’t escape, for instance.  

Installing energy-efficient windows with triple-glazing and low-emissivity coatings can help block out the heat. Blinds and shades can help, but better windows mean you can still let natural light in as well. Solar panels are cheaper to run in the long-term too, so installing those is highly recommended in warmer areas. 

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