Onifade Azeez

Tech transformation sounds like a long shot for small businesses running on shoestring budgets. However, it is non-negotiable to stay in the competitive race and match customer expectations. Moreover, the pandemic has made technology more essential for businesses than ever. You cannot imagine running an organization without a basic IT … Read more

Successful companies are built on several pillars. It takes determination, careful planning, excellent services, hard work, and a spot of luck to help keep a business in operation. Management’s support, guidance, and knowledge help steer the company in the right direction for growth and development. The importance of management in business is … Read more

Most freelancers come across the same challenges: invoicing, tracking expenses, and making sure they get paid by their clients on time. Invoicing tools for freelancers are becoming widely popular as people discover the advantages they have, such as being able to generate invoices for different clients, track expenses and income … Read more

We are in a world where business decisions are hinged on data. This is why maintaining high-quality data is crucial if you are to make informed decisions, improve efficiency, and gain a competitive edge in your business niche. Poor data quality can lead to flawed analyses.  It can hinder strategic … Read more

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