Top 20 Sure Scholarships to International Students in USA


The USA creates scholarships to International Students yearly, providing many with the amazing opportunity to connect with the best specialists in their fields and helping them achieve their educational goals and dreams.

The funds from these scholarships most often cover the beneficiary’s tuition fees and other educational materials, such as books, transportation, and feeding.

Therefore, If you are looking for financial aid to fund your studies, we present you with the top USA Scholarships for International Students in 2022.

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Scholarships for International Students in USA 2022

1. Yale University Scholarship

Yale University provides, scholarship medium to international students. This school is popular for its cultural diversity.

Yale provides all financial assistance based on financial needs, with the aim of making education accessible to talented students from all over the globe.


2. Hubert Humphrey program

The Humphrey Scholarship Program is designed to enhance the leadership skills of the students through a mutual exchange of knowledge and understanding of issues of common interest in the United States and the students’ countries of origin.

Scholarship holders are placed at one of the participating US universities. They are allocated in different groups to the most appropriate host institution based on their area of interest and professional field.

3. ACI Foundation Scholarship

The ACI Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by the American Concrete Institute to promote progress, collaborate, and offer scholarships or grants to students interested in the concrete industry to achieve their educational and professional goals.

As an organization, they identify trends, opportunities, and needs, taking an active role in supporting the next generation of leaders.

4. Amherst College

Amherst College is also one of the best schools offering scholarships for international students. The college has been around for a while.


Amherst College sponsored a total of 135 international students during the last academic session. However, you should understand that this school is mainly for art students.

5. Dartmouth College

Next on our list of schools offering scholarships to overseas students is Dartmouth College.

This is a popular school among international students and for good reasons. During the last academic session, Dartmouth College offered a total of 254 scholarships for international students. And there are rumors that this number would be significantly higher next semester.

6. College of Pomona

Pomona College offers scholarships for international students. Also, when it comes to the quality of education offered in the school, you have nothing to worry about. During the last academic session, a lot of international students were awarded scholarships.

7. Berea College

Berea college is an inter-faith Christian college, it is a liberal art college founded in 1855 and is known for its non-segregational and mixed practice in the southern United States. The Berea college scholarship covers the entire funding of the university fees of the successful candidates.


8. Wellesley College

The school offers impressive quality education. And the best part is that International students can study in this school with the help of scholarships. During the last academic session, it was stated that scholarships were offered to more than 85 international students.

9. Fairleigh Dickinson collage Scholarship

Fairleigh Dickinson University offers scholarships only to international students, as it encourages applicants from around the globe. These scholarships will be awarded based on test performance. And it will cover the student’s tuition fees.

10. The University of Auvergne Scholarship

The University of Auvergne International Envoy Scholarships is a partially funded endowment for international students. The University of Auvergne provides half of the tuition fee to successful students.

11. Columbia University (USA)

Columbia University is undoubtedly one of the best places for international students. But not only is it one of the best for international students, but it is also one of the best when it comes to scholarships for international students. During the last academic session, it is claimed that over 250 international students were sponsored.

12. Skidmore College

For anyone who wishes to study in the USA, Skidmore College is another option you can consider. The school may not be as popular outside the United States. But it does not mean that the school offers low-quality education.


The scholarship value offered by this school in a year is not fixed but during the previous academic session. Up to 86 international students were offered scholarships.

13. Duke University

Duke University is also a major university in the United States. There are many local and international students who have graduated from this school. In other words, if you have thought about studying in the US, you shouldn’t feel discouraged. Duke University encourages diversity and offers international students scholarships every academic session.

14. Rotary Peace Program

Each year, Rotary awards scholarships to dedicated students around the world to study at one of Rotary’s Peace Centers.

Through academic training and internships. Rotary Peace Centers enhance the skills and the development of professionals into experts, making them effective catalysts for peace. The scholarships cover tuition fees, room and board, round-trip travel, and a period of language internship.

15. Williams College

Another school we have on this list of schools that offer scholarships for international students is Williams College. The education quality of this school is quite impressive. In the last academic session, over 90 international students were awarded scholarships.


16. Boston College Scholarship

The Boston University Scholarship is always open to international and state students. Applications for scholarships are encouraged and are available to international students pursuing an undergraduate program at Boston University in the United States.

A Boston Scholarship covers full tuition fees as well as university orientation and mandatory tuition fees.

17. Trinity College

Trinity College is not a very popular school with international students. This, however, does not mean that they don’t welcome international students. In fact, the school has international students in the institution but not much, and a good number of them are on scholarship. During the last academic session, the school benefited from a scholarship for a total of 164 international students.

18. Treasure Scholarship at Boise State University

Boise State University is located in Idaho, United States, and is recognized as one of Idaho’s largest universities with an active body of both international and domestic students. Its global Scholarship Applications are always open to international students for an undergraduate degree in the university.

Students with a GPA of 3.0 or higher have a good chance of being accepted.


19. Illinois Wesleyan college scholarship

The University of Illinois Wesleyan Scholarships aim to provide financial aid to deserving students, mostly international students. The scholarship consists of merit-based scholarships, president’s scholarships, and need-based financial aid for international students applying to enter the first year of graduate programs offered by the University.

Additionally, the Illinois student school can also access IWU-funded scholarships, loans, and on-campus employment opportunities.

20. Stanford University

Anyone who wants to study in the US is probably already familiar with Stanford University. It is undoubtedly one of the best universities in the United States. There are countless successful people who have studied at this institution.

And Stanford University offers scholarships to international students. In fact, the school offered a total of 240 scholarships last academic session. You can never tell, you might just be accepted.

Tips To Apply for International Students Scholarships

I will leave you with 7 tips for the proper application of scholarships. It doesn’t matter if you have applied before you are still here because something wasn’t right, follow these tips and ensure that you do everything accurately.


1. Check when the scholarship you want to apply for will commence

Sometimes we can get carried away, though the dates for  Scholarships to International Students in USA 2022 are not yet out. But normally spring scholarships are in commerce in June, while the autumn scholarships are in December.

2. Be prepared for the application

Before you start filling in the application form in the web service, familiarize yourself with the form’s detailed filing instructions to prepare in advance.

3. Be crystal on your points

 Describe and structure your manuscript, its background, subject content, purpose, and implementation. The manuscript answers briefly and concisely the questions, what, to whom, why, how, when, what is your role in the working group, etc,

4. Know what you are getting into

Having a clearly laid out and well-motivated plan that is possible to implement, is essential for receiving a scholarship. Know the type of scholarship you are applying for, some scholarships cover, half of the tuition fees, some the full tuition fees, and others the full tuition fees, accommodation and feeding basically everything.

5. Instructions

Summarize the manuscript for your application with a maximum of 3000 characters including spaces. You can not attach any attachments, pictures, or other links to the application, fill in the form field carefully. You can not edit a submitted application.


6. Submit in time

Submit your application in advance of the deadline. During the last hours of the application period, the form web can work more slowly if there is a rush in the service.

7. Take into account

Remember to make an account of a scholarship that you previously applied for and apply to as many scholarship programs as you can to maximize the chance of success.

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It’s not like all scholarships are designed for a certain set of students. Some private institutions or non-governmental institutions (NGOs) simply desire to support higher education by offering scholarships to international students.

These students must still fulfill the standards, but they are very broad and universal. As an Entrepreneur, who wishes to make passive income while learning. You need to leverage rear opportunities like there. If there are other things you need to know about Scholarships for International Students in the USA, Be free to use the comment box below.


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